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  1. Philip Royds

    CAN Setting LCS file

    Looking for help G4+ Storm with AIM MXL dashReceived only G4 information not G4+ and it is now quite a differenceDash is sorted but needs the G4+ data set called "Generic"Used to be Called Generic Dash LCC fileG4+ needs a LCS fileCan anybody supply a LCS file for the G4+ please? If yes, please forward to Robbie robbie.thornton@gmail.com
  2. Philip Royds

    Sometimes Link is a bit slow (E-Throttle)

    Johann Thank you for this valuable feed-back, it is appreciated. I am taking this information to next weeks Marketing meeting so that we can chew it over. My immediate response is that your observations are valid and fair. Until next week Philip CEO - Link ElectroSystems Ltd.