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  1. David , which system would you consider 10 or 20 times radier to 'program' (is this tuning you mean or wiring or just configuring ?)
  2. No problem  just a small edit ; I don't know if i would wire the pump directly through the aux , better to have the aux activate a relay that grounds the pump
  3. Setting up the aux will be easy ; just use a gp output , set switch off timer to 3s and use 'cond. 1 or 2 AND 3' set cond 1 to your di for the manual switch set cond 2 to your di for the auto switch set cond 3 to IAT temp> value and set the value you want. If you want more than just IAT then set cond 3 to virtual aux and configure the virtual aux with the conditions you want (say maby 80% throttle , speed above 50kph and IAT above 70) if you would wire the aux through a double pole relay(30 would go to the pump,87 to the aux,87a to nothing,85 to switched 12v and 86Â through your level
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