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  1. Hi having major hair loss problems with my Vh45. Im trying to run it with a storm. Im running the coil on spark. I have 2 link ignitors wired into the coils as a wasted spark setup. I have also wired the injectors in the same wasted spark sequence. Now, I have wired the CAS as per link diagram, and run the sync setup etc. When i crank the engine the little leds on the ignitors flash in the right sequence. At this point I will have to say that I am a newbe to this. Right so I crank it, the Led's flash and after a lot of cranking the plugs are wet...well damp. The link dosnt read any RPM's though. I have fully rebuilt the motor and have got new...most things including a CAS Cams have been reground by franklin cams. Have NOT done a compression test yet At this point im looking for, either a map that should run it, or a direction to go in please. Cant help but feel that an extreme would have solved my issues...
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