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  1. RH9 GTR

    Toyota 1jz injectors

    Hi, Can some one share 1jz non vvti injector dead times for link g4+ ?
  2. RH9 GTR

    1jz non vvti

    Okay. So my understanding is for plug and play ill have to get a 2jz Harness and for additional Inputs and outputs i have to get another harness ?
  3. RH9 GTR

    1jz non vvti

    If i have a Link g4+ Plugin for 2jz non vvti will it fit right away into 1jz non vvti harness ?
  4. You are right Augusto, The same issue happened with a friend of mine , he was using Power FC with a 4g64.
  5. Hi adam, It has a non vvti 1jz head and 1jz block bored to fit 2Jz pistons. Will the plugin ECU work with it , what will be the trigger settings ?
  6. Hello all, I have a 2jz Block with a 1jz Head swap . Will it work with Link G4+ Plugin ECU ? -The 2jz base will work on this setup ? - Which Settings and sensors do i need to check before getting the ECU and letting the car started. Thanks.
  7. RH9 GTR

    Flames on decel.

    Ok . So other than baro compensation there isnt any significant change using MAP as load input.
  8. RH9 GTR

    Flames on decel.

    I got it exactly !! Adam why are you using MGP instead of MAP ? any specific reason ?
  9. RH9 GTR

    Flames on decel.

    Thanks brad for the prompt reply. Can i play with the injector latency as well ? When the car drops to high rpm vacuum ?
  10. RH9 GTR

    Flames on decel.

    Hello. I am using a G4+ plugin platform. Can i get flames on decel or high rpm throttle lift off using over run fuel cut ? Is there any other way to achieve it ? I have read the help file, before applying it just wanted to have your opinion. Thanks.
  11. Adamw i think the ecu internal firmware is not updated. The Vipec software i am using is 4.10. The map i posted is the actual map i am using. Here is the log .. Log 27-11-16 5;42;33 pm.llg
  12. Hi Adam, I am using 4.10.2 firmware. I am logging wideband now but values are way off.
  13. Is there any possibility that wide band logging works in PC logging and does not work in ECU logging ? I was attempting to log it through ECU logging. Here is the map. V88 wire in board. Hiz440+stock cold start.pcl
  14. Hi , I am trying to log wideband - it is connected to An Volt 3 - it is showing live values but when i try to log , it says NO DATA. I tried to log all lambda and wide band parameters but i see no data. Can anyone help out ? Thanks.
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