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  1. Hey Link forum goers! It's my own stupid fault but I "accidentally" saved some configurations over the original base map supplied with my GTST Plug-in G4 without saving a copy first (I also miss the tacho going up and down on ignition ) If someone has a copy of the original map the comes out of the box with the Link G4 GTSLink R32-R33 (Blue header plug) (76 pin) NGT4 I would be forever grateful if you could upload it Many thanks in advanced, Jake.Â
  2. Hi there, Just recently finished a build on my R33 Skyline and had installed the GTST Link G4 Plugin Ecu. Â On first first up (to test the engine was going to start) we didn't connect the Ecu to the PC or anything, everything was 100% plug and play, only thing was the internal map sensor was run to the manifold. First start up went fine, didn't leave it to run long as that was today's job. Â We hooked up the PC to the link ecu and made sure the PC recognised and connected the Ecu - all was good. Â We started the engine up again and ran the cams in. Â After this, we tried to set up the MAP, TPS and IAT calibration. Â MAP was ok, when it came to the TPS, we got our min supply volts at 0.5v so the car would idle, after that, we started the car and brought the revs up again but upon closing the throttle, the engine began to rev up by itself - we shut it down. Â We tried to rectify this problem by setting different voltages but still once the car was brought over 2000rpm the throttle had a mind of it's own and continued to rev up. Â I wasn't quite sure how to overcome this so I thought I would load the 'Nissan GTS-GTR G4 Storm Plugin.pcl' file and load it onto the Ecu for a fresh start. Â That work fine, but now, the car will not even start. Â It just turns the engine over and doesn't fire. We left it there for the night but I thought I'd ask here before trying anything else so.... my questions are: 1. Â Is the 'Nissan GTS-GTR G4 Storm Plugin.pcl' base map the EXACT same map that comes pre-installed on the Plug and Play G4 for the R33 GTST? 2. Â What would cause the throttle to want to rise in revs by itself? Many thanks for any help, Jake. Â
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