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  1. Ok, weird. So I guess my next answer is what trickery do the V3-6 ECU’s use to read MAP up to 22psi? Even my V4 STi motor in my GTB does 19psi daily on a stock 6S ECU (Been dyno’d, it’s safe) Sorry btw, not being stand-off-ish here, I’m just a bit confused cause this is the first time I’ve personally come across this contradiction, just trying to reconcile what I know with this data... edit: oh I see it there, 18psi... above atmosphere... does this account for the difference here? MAP vs MGP? To date my tuning experience has been with possum links, this is the first time I’ve messed with a G4, The ol possum link presents MAP as MGP is on the G4.
  2. Sorry to bother, but I had very little results with my googling on this matter I was always under the impression V1/2 map sensors were a lower reading sensor, than V3-6. Something like V1-2 is a 2.5 bar, and V3-6 was 3 bar. Forum posts about factory map sensors elsewhere on the net suggest this. But in all the link documentation I've seen, they reference all early map sensors, that is V1-6 as maxing out at 17.5 or 18 psi. This is contrary to what I do know of the V3-6 sensors, as they limit, or hit factory boost cut around 22psi... And I know V1-2 sensors are very much incompatibly with V3-6. Does anyone have any clarification on this? Specifically I'm dealing with a G4 on a built motor, in a V1 WRX. It still has the factory older MAP sensor, and I have a V4 map sensor and plug I can wire in, to get me reading up to 22psi. I would also need to know what calibrations to enter for this map sensor, I've not been able to find info on that either (call me useless if you must). Thanks in advance!
  3. Sweet as, well it's probably worth me doing that at least, that'd get me the 10 rows of tunability of the later G1's at least!
  4. G'day again. I was just up at Flatnats last weekend, and I forgot to pic the brains of the link chaps that came up and visited about this... One of the guys there, Steve, with "STI4ME" mentioned he had a G1 link that had been flashed to G2 (I may have misheard though?). He's had this car for a long time now, I'm wondering if this is still a a happening thing, or if it was only done back in the day? I'd much rather pay you guy's to get my wee G1 updated, then go find a G2 or 3 online... Sadly getting even a G4 storm is out of my league still
  5. Ah bugger, I'll make do with what I have then, guess that's the motto of this wee fun build, so only fitting! Thanks very much, I've been very impressed with the level of support you guys have, even for the ol G1's, def has sold me on getting a G4 for the PBMS built STi in the garage when the time comes!
  6. G'day, I recently just picked up a G1 Possum link, with an RSROADQ chip, but I'm using it for slightly unconventional purposes... I have a BC3, which I chucked a spare EJ20D in, and in order to make it work, I ripped out the SPFI loom, and chucked in a spare GT loom I had laying around. Yeah, fun wee project done for under a hundy, how can one complain. But, the GT ECU wasn't making much power, with its rich and retarded timing tune. Enter the Plink, picked it up the other day for cheap and have started tweaking, but zone fuel and zone igntion have only 6 rows, and the non turb can only go up to row 3, giving me only 3 tunable rows. Basically off throttle, up to about a third throttle, and anything from a third to full throttle. It runs well enough as is, better than the GT ecu, after advancing the timing, but I'm wondering if I can edit the kpa values for the zones, i.e. shift the row all into negative pressure, so I can tune this hack with 6 rows, not 3. Currently I only have a hand controller and I figure this wont be able to do that, but I'm thinking about buying a serial link (I already have a serial laptop with the software installed) and seeing if that can edit it. Â And a second question, do the possum links require a wide band o2? Because I just bought it a brand new 3-wire o2 literally a week prior to finding the link! Â Cheers -Reuben
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