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  1. ...i donno what just happened. Anyways, im curious if my g1 will would with windows 7. Im currently running it and the linkpc program on laptop with xp. I want to get a better laptop, the one im looking at has windows 7. from what ive read is that the ecu i have would only work with widows 98 or ME. But....i have it on XP already. Will it work on Windows 7.
  2. this is the Map im running that is idling at 2k. the one it the og post is supposed to be for the good idle air control but its even worse. Had the car checked for and vacuum seal leaks but nothing. mechanic said car is tip top but has no clue about tuning modded cars. HELPPPP
  3. I am VERY new to working on ecu and tuning maps. I bought my car from someone who already had the ecu installed. He went and got it professionally tuned and they said his Idle Air control was bad. So the tuner made a map for the bad "IAC" and made another map for when the IAC was replaced. I bought a new IAC through Subaru for $370. that hurt. Installed it and the threw on the new map. The "cat tune good iat" map was idling at about 3.5-4k so i through the "cat tune bad iat" map back on and its running at 2k. better but the idle is set to run at 900...not 2k or 3.5k i hope i can attach the two maps.... P.S. driving a 99 Rs/04 STi SB swap, rc 660 injectors, Gt28 turbo,... Link plus G1, with a ...v4? laptop compatible. cat-tune-good.iat.pcl
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