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  1. Previously Mike Cullingford wrote: Hello, I'm trying to make a boost threshold graph up for my car by logging all gears. I can't seem to get the logging to display a XY graph that has RPM on the X axis and Boost (MGP) on the Y axis. Is this possible with the link logging? Or if not, can you export this log information to an Excel file or similar format? Here is a pic of something i'm trying to do http://www.sponaugle.com/nasioc/GT30RSpool5.gif Cheers, Mike Hey Mike, One of the users over on the Vipec board (SHURA) came up with a utility to convert the Link logs (.llg) to comma separated value files (.csv). CSVs are able to be imported int Excel and the utility makes sorting through data a lot easier. You can pick and choose what data you want to export to the CSV. Here's the 'link', so to speak http://files.energostat.ru/llg2csv.zip I import my data into the Airboy spreadsheet to help me tune. Makes for a handy road dyno. I really wish PClink had a built in function like this!!! It's all done via Excel and could certainly be duplicated. Hope this helps! Ryan
  2. Found something else kind of odd. We've been trying to track down a momentary lean tip in condition on a shift. I turned off overrun fuel cut in the software but whenever I lift off completely, my wideband goes lean (IE: fuel is cut). The cells that the engine enters during overrun have near matching fuel numbers as the cruise area. Is the overrun fuel cut always enabled in this particular FW release? I'm on 4.7.1 Thanks, Ryan
  3. Oh yeah, one more minor issue. On a warm start, the engine will read about a point to a point and a half leaner for about 30 secs to a minute on idle. It then settles out back to 14:1. It's kind of annoying more than anything. Does anyone know of any settings that could cure/contribute this? Never had this issue before but I was running a different throttle body, inj, etc Ryan
  4. Hey guys! OK, I've managed to work through a couple issues myself... quick background: Old engine: STi Ver 6 EJ207, larger turbo, stock injectors + supporting mods New engine: Built EJ257, 1000cc EV14 inj, GT-35R (even larger turbo) + AVCS JDM EJ207 heads (ported/polished, O/S valves, Kelford Cams, ETC) New setup uses the late model 36 tooth crank trigger. Old setup used the OEM 6 tooth crank trigger. Current trigger choice reflects 'Subaru Ver7-10 JDM' Car ran great on the Link with the old setup. Swapped the new engine in, started up, ran decent with a little tuning. After break-in, ran the engine up to 5000 RPM and hit the 'rev-limit'. Did a log check, 5100 RPM @ 19.35 sec into the log 25,000 RPM @ 19.36 sec ' ' Trigger err count increasing when this occurred. Tried altering the arming thresholds. No joy. Tried going down (and up) in voltage. Sometimes it would break up @ 5K, sometimes @ 6K. Double checked my wiring and polarity. Cam and crank sensors were using the OEM engine harnesses. Grounds checked good. Turns out it was my 8 month old cam/crank sensors that I purchased new from Subaru. I swapped my original sensors (tan top, probably from 2000) and it doesn't hiccup anymore (no more trig err). However, I'm still seeing a slight drift because my log will play out like this... 50hz rate, 100% TPS : Time / RPM / Speed 795.02 7440 164 795.04 7600 164 795.06 7452 164 795.08 7649 164 795.1 7494 164 795.12 7494 165 795.14 7687 165 795.16 7521 165 795.18 7656 165 795.2 7512 166 795.22 7712 166 795.24 7566 166 795.26 7716 166 795.28 7572 166 So I end up with a wavy RPM log up top. Any suggestions? Is it the arming thresholds? I *believe* I'm currently still at .5v for 0 RPM and 2.0V for 1000 RPM on up. Next question: Had 505cc stock injectors.. Fuel master was 9ms Now have 1000cc EV14's Fuel master is 11ms My idle numbers are around 29 and I ramp up to around ~60 @ WOT, if I recall correctly. Does this seem 'right'? I know you are shooting for around 50 or so, mid-map. How does Injector duty cycle play into the master (if at all)? Because I'm showing around 88% duty cycle at 7500 RPM. AFR's are around 11:1. And this *only* at .9 bar (13 psi). I figured 1000cc injectors would carry me out a little further than that! I've got methanol to supplement, but I figured I would have more overhead on the injectors. Last question on a Bosch knock sensor. It's the Bosch Motorsports KS-P, P/N 0261231120 (OEM in the Porsche Boxster as well). 2 wires, (Sig +) and (Sig -) . On my G4 Xtreme, obviously, I have one knock input. Do I connect (Sig +) to the knock input and (Sig -) to sensor ground? My old Subie knock sensor only had one wire. I'm guessing it was grounded through the sensor... That's all I've got for now. On the positive side, my 60mph - 95mph (97km/h - 153km/h) acceleration time has dropped from 4.7 secs down to 3.6 with the new engine . Not to mention that 4.7 secs was recorded @ 1.6 bar with the old turbo versus only .9 bar on the new engine/turbo! Thanks, Ryan
  5. Should we be expecting another software/firmware update before the year is out? How about closed loop boost control? Thanks! Ryan P.S. What's retail price on the drive-by-wire module add on for the G4? I couldn't find it on the website. I'm considering going to DBW because it would allow me to run a different intake manifold/intercooler setup. However, if the costs outweigh the benefit, I'll just stick with my cable & FMIC.
  6. Would it be possible to integrate a function to export the data generated from a log into comma separated values (.CSV)? I'd like to be able to export the data outside of PC Link. Thanks, Ryan
  7. Previously stephane gauthier wrote: hi Iam doing a g4 extreme in a 04 usdm suby sti this morning and iam using the link v10 start up map , as soon as i save the map , aux 9 and 10 for the e throttle disappear . does anyone have any ideas ? Silver or red box? Ryan
  8. This was one of the features I liked from the PowerFC. Is there any way you could implement a feature to flash the Check Engine Light in the event knock exceeds what is defined in the knock target table? I like det cans as much as the next guy but I don't drive around with them on all the time. It would be nice to have a warning that a bad load of gas was received or the weather got to hot for the timing ordered. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Hey Phil - Thanks for the help, my map was sent to your mailbox. I'm using the red Xtreme. I've got the virtual aux working for ECU logging. It functions well with no hiccups. What P/N Bosch knock sensor do you recommend? I see they make a bunch of different ones. Are there any standard setup recommendations you could suggest to use with the Bosch sensor? Thanks! Ryan
  10. Hello - Couple issues I've noticed with my G4 Xtreme. I'm running the 4.6 FW and the latest version of PC Link. When I enable internal knock control, it doesn't remain enabled after the key is turned off. I have carried out an ECU store and also saved this setting in my map. However, every time I start the car back up, knock control is defaulted off and I have to re-enable it. On that note, any suggestions on what knock filter to use? I'm using the default of low pass (LP). I'm not hearing anything with my det cans but I don't always drive with them on either . Knock sensor is the OEM 99'-00' Subaru sensor in stock location on an EJ20. Logging. When I select ECU logging, 'Always On', it doesn't always stay on. When I download a log or re-start the car, I have to select a random input, Ex: 'DI#1' and then go back to 'Always on' to kickstart the ECU logging function again. Closed loop boost control... any ETR? Last I heard, it was ready for prime time but I still don't see it as an option. I'm using a MAC 3 port solenoid and it's difficult to get a consistent boost setting between day and night. Other than that, things are going great! Just converted my Version 6 EJ20 over to coil-on-plug using the settings from the Version 7 (GDB) map and the car is running strong. Thanks, Ryan
  11. I was unable to open your map. It says the size is only 2.3kB which can't be right. Which base map did you start out with? The Version 1-6 or 7-10? I'm assuming you are not using the Version 9 coil-on-plug setup and you are using your 99' intake manifold and single coil pack. Correct? The crank trigger changed in 01'. The Version 7 and up uses a different crank trigger than previous models. It's selectable in the drop down menu in PClink. Just pick the Ver7-Ver10 option. Let me know how it goes. Ryan
  12. Hello - Running a G4 Xtreme (FW 4.60) in my Subaru Impreza Version 6. I was looking under runtime values and there is an error under overcurr-Inj 1/2. I don't think it's an actual problem with my car as I just fired up PClink on my standalone laptop in the house (not connected to the car) and I'm seeing the same error. Thanks! Ryan
  13. Hey guys... OK I'm a bit stumped here. Here's what I know: My G4 needs to remain powered on after the ignition is removed for a few seconds. This allows the ISC motor to park. (Ver 5/6 ISC) - In order to do this, a digital input (Ignition sw) needs to be configured and wired. (done) - Then you need to setup an Aux ign out to, presumably, ground the other side of the main relay coil. - Sequence of events as I understand it: Link senses the 12V ign sw drops and pulls a low down on aux ign #6. This keeps the relay energized until the ISC can park. A few seconds later, ECU floats the aux ign #6 and the main relay is de-energized. Great! But... - According to my Subaru Version 5/6 wiring diagram, one side of the main relay coil is tied to a ground. The other side (that actually goes to the ECU) would need 12V to energize. On that pin, 'self-shutoff control' puts 12V on it to energize the main relay. - The Link wiring diagram for setting up the ECU hold power assumes that one side of your main relay coil is not tied to ground. - I don't want to re-wire the main relay. I'm trying to contain everything to one jumper harness between the stock, unmolested, engine harness and the Link. Since I'm still in the 'beta phase' I like being able to swap back to the stock ECU. So I thought I had a solution using two relays. However, somewhere along the way it failed to work. Below is a diagram, criticism is welcome I was trying to use the ign sw input to trigger the relays. I'm not sure how loaded down that circuit gets when the starter is engaged. Since the OEM ECU uses B136 pins 8/9 as 'control power', I figured they would be suitable for powering the box. Thanks! Ryan
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