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  1. Lock/unlock issue has been resolved. Could updating the firmware after unlocking the ECU cause it to request unlocking again? Either way, it's good now. I also resolved the the 5v supply error as well by properly pinning my MAP sensor Thanks Adam
  2. Subaru v5 STi, WRX6 Plug-in ECU I have disabled the ANv4 (n/b o2) Error low fault detection (set to 0v) but the ECU is still throwing fault code 20; below error low value. Any ideas?
  3. PCLink v5.6.5.3338, Firmware I have unlocked it once I noticed tonight I had a fault code 74: analog 5v supply error. Not sure why I didn't see that yesterday. Checked the runtimes screen and it was fluctuating below 1volt. Only wiring modification was s 01-07 WRX STi Omni 3bar MAP sensor so I disconnected it and everything seemed cured. I may have used some bad pinout info from a unnamed forum . I'll re-pin tomorrow and see how it works.
  4. I set AN temp 3 to IAT and sure enough it works. Matches ECT +/- 2 degrees. With that said, I’ll wire my GM IAT, mounted just prior to the TB, using the OEM IAT circuitry; unless otherwise advised. I’m curious about AN temp 3 on my expansion connector now. How will that input work?
  5. My IAT sensor is separate from the MAF. I have an RA Limited STi; maybe that’s the difference?
  6. Erratic sensor readings .MOV Just plugged in my WRX6 plug-in ECU for the first time. Upon switching the ignition to "on", engine "off", I immediately heard my IACV cycling. I connected to my ECU via PClink, and noticed erratic readings. I updated the firmware and readings remained. I flashed a tune with the proper calibrations for my MAP sensor, injectors, etc. and performed a TPS calibration. Erratic sensor readings remained and now included an erratic TPS signal. Another issue I'm running into is a repeated request to unlock the ECU. Any ideas? Attached is a video screenshot. Please excuse my post edits haha. Haven't figured out how to remove dupilcate videos
  7. Would the OEM IAT be routed to pin B136-19 on the main header? The manual says that pin is AN Temp 3 (V1.1 PCB only),which to me, suggests the OEM IAT but I have no way to confirm. Nothing is configured for AN Temp 3 on PCLink as this input is also on the expansion connector.
  8. I have a v5 STi with OEM IAT. I bought a GM IAT and installed it just before the throttle body. Should I use the expansion connector or should I snip the OEM IAT and wire it to the GM IAT?
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