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  1. Any ideas why I would be getting a hard ignition misfire at around 1 bar of boost? Ran fine up to 1.3 bar with the coil pack ignition 3.56ms misfire, new coils and boots.llg
  2. Recently converted from coil pack to coil on plug. Wanted to confirm my changes to the ignition settings. I've modified my dwell control table to correlate with new coils. Do I change "ignition mode" from wasted spark to direct ignition? Should I re-calibrate my ignition delay? Open my spark plug gap? Had it closed down to .024" from .030" while using the wasted spark set up.
  3. Anyone have a 2D or 3D ignition dwell table for 2011+ STi, black ignition coils; PNL 22433AA602. I recently converted by 99 STi to COP.
  4. I believe I wasn’t giving the stepper valve enough time to reset, making it start in random positions. I currently have it set up to reset at key on and wait for the tach sweep to finish before cranking. Key off reset was still a bit a bit wonky for me so I just stuck with key on.
  5. Haha ok that is what I should’ve asked; if the clutch even sends a signal to the ECU on a standard Subaru. I was thinking it was a pre-wired input like the power steering switch, ac request, etc. I must’ve entered it with the intention of wiring it to DI5. Thanks Adam.
  6. no, it doesn't change. tune attached 4bar MAP, quick spool, popping flames flat boost.pclr
  7. 99 STi plug-in g4+. Setting up my launch control. Would like to use, or at least try, my clutch switch as the activation control. I believe DI5 was the default input but I'm not 100% sure. It doesn't respond in the runtime window so it obviously won't arm. I know the switch works because I originally had it bypassed for no-clutch starts and now it won't start unless depressing the clutch. Any ideas?
  8. What does compressor surge look like on a data log graph? At about 7000rpm, my MGP/MAP spikes, fuel leans slightly (despite adding fuel) and power falls off. No knock or fuel/ign cut. Turbo is a VF48 with a billet compressor wheel.
  9. I suspect a sticky or failing valve as well. Firmware is Here is my tune. I'll have to make an idle log. 60 degree idle map with idle ignition ... cl idle.pclr
  10. Having this same problem. This is frustrating as my engine idled just fine with a standard ECU. Is buying a new IACV the only solution that has worked for everyone?
  11. Attempting to tune my idle base position table in open loop. I follow the OL procedure, achieve a suitable idle, save and store. But when I turn off and restart the engine, I have to completely change the idle base map values. Car is a 1999 Subaru STi with a stepper idle valve.
  12. Lock/unlock issue has been resolved. Could updating the firmware after unlocking the ECU cause it to request unlocking again? Either way, it's good now. I also resolved the the 5v supply error as well by properly pinning my MAP sensor Thanks Adam
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