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  1. What does compressor surge look like on a data log graph? At about 7000rpm, my MGP/MAP spikes, fuel leans slightly (despite adding fuel) and power falls off. No knock or fuel/ign cut. Turbo is a VF48 with a billet compressor wheel.
  2. I suspect a sticky or failing valve as well. Firmware is Here is my tune. I'll have to make an idle log. 60 degree idle map with idle ignition ... cl idle.pclr
  3. Having this same problem. This is frustrating as my engine idled just fine with a standard ECU. Is buying a new IACV the only solution that has worked for everyone?
  4. Attempting to tune my idle base position table in open loop. I follow the OL procedure, achieve a suitable idle, save and store. But when I turn off and restart the engine, I have to completely change the idle base map values. Car is a 1999 Subaru STi with a stepper idle valve.
  5. Lock/unlock issue has been resolved. Could updating the firmware after unlocking the ECU cause it to request unlocking again? Either way, it's good now. I also resolved the the 5v supply error as well by properly pinning my MAP sensor Thanks Adam
  6. Subaru v5 STi, WRX6 Plug-in ECU I have disabled the ANv4 (n/b o2) Error low fault detection (set to 0v) but the ECU is still throwing fault code 20; below error low value. Any ideas?
  7. PCLink v5.6.5.3338, Firmware I have unlocked it once I noticed tonight I had a fault code 74: analog 5v supply error. Not sure why I didn't see that yesterday. Checked the runtimes screen and it was fluctuating below 1volt. Only wiring modification was s 01-07 WRX STi Omni 3bar MAP sensor so I disconnected it and everything seemed cured. I may have used some bad pinout info from a unnamed forum . I'll re-pin tomorrow and see how it works.
  8. I set AN temp 3 to IAT and sure enough it works. Matches ECT +/- 2 degrees. With that said, I’ll wire my GM IAT, mounted just prior to the TB, using the OEM IAT circuitry; unless otherwise advised. I’m curious about AN temp 3 on my expansion connector now. How will that input work?
  9. My IAT sensor is separate from the MAF. I have an RA Limited STi; maybe that’s the difference?
  10. Erratic sensor readings .MOV Just plugged in my WRX6 plug-in ECU for the first time. Upon switching the ignition to "on", engine "off", I immediately heard my IACV cycling. I connected to my ECU via PClink, and noticed erratic readings. I updated the firmware and readings remained. I flashed a tune with the proper calibrations for my MAP sensor, injectors, etc. and performed a TPS calibration. Erratic sensor readings remained and now included an erratic TPS signal. Another issue I'm running into is a repeated request to unlock the ECU. Any ideas? Attached is a video screenshot. Please excuse my post edits haha. Haven't figured out how to remove dupilcate videos
  11. Would the OEM IAT be routed to pin B136-19 on the main header? The manual says that pin is AN Temp 3 (V1.1 PCB only),which to me, suggests the OEM IAT but I have no way to confirm. Nothing is configured for AN Temp 3 on PCLink as this input is also on the expansion connector.
  12. I have a v5 STi with OEM IAT. I bought a GM IAT and installed it just before the throttle body. Should I use the expansion connector or should I snip the OEM IAT and wire it to the GM IAT?
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