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  1. My Link wont and car wont start and its throwing error 254. I dont find the meaning of that 254 anywhere. Can someone help me ? STI V4 with possumlink G1 Â V4 Many thanks
  2. nevermind i found my problem
  3. Im running the possum link G1. Car was running fine, almost 2 years now, until yesterday when it started to hesitate, then it died. I started the engine back on, with a rough idle, and it died again. Now it won't start at all.  Here more details :  - I have fuel and injectors are firing -I have sparks on each plugs -I have a good TPS readin -I have a good MAP reading (engine off) -I tried starting with the MAF unplugged -I tried with O2 unplugged -I checked all ground,and 12V on the ECU pins -When you crank it, it will sometimes ignite and I can hear its trying hard to start. -I removed my spark plugs, and they are all flooded with gaz from trying to crank the engine.. so gaz is going in 4 cylinders  Could it the cam position sensor or the crank position sensor? With my OEM ecu I was able to pull the DTC from the ECU with the check engine light. Now how can I see the DTCs? I tried with my laptop, i dont see where. I tried with the in-car link display, I go to screen "error: xxx"  showing nothing..  What am missing here ? Any idea? Your help would be very appreciated. Thanks Simon Â
  4. Hi, If i installed the 3Bar MAP sensor, and tell the LINK its now a 3 BAR, should re-tune the engine again ?
  5. Yeah !!! that did it it works now.... Back to TUNING ! thanks Simon
  6. As long as I dont turn off the ignition key off, the settings remain. Correct me if Im wrong here: To STORE the settings, its basic flash to EPROM right ? (Electrical Programable Read Only Memory) So it needs a certain amount of electrical power to write on the EPROM. You might be right about the grounds. I will go buy 20 feet of 2.0Sq/mm wire and will re-run all 4 grounds to the engine block. MAybe I have poor grounds and its not generating enough power to write to the EPROM? Its still odd as why it keeps the settings.. meaning it stored it somewhere, but goes away when ignition key is turned off. Anyway, I will try the grounds. Here is something interesting at the bottom of the page: http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g1-engine-management-documentation/MY96Manual
  7. I already sent it to LINK. They said it was fine It looks like a car radio when you dont plug the power correctly. It runs good but will flush your settings when you turn the ignition key off...
  8. Hi, I have an STI V4 G1. I tried with the LCD display in the car, I tried with the laptop, and my settings are not kept when I turn the ignition key off. Do I need to connect any cable to have it like it will be in 'write mode' ? thanks
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