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  1. Thank you Simon you have been a great help thus far. Yes u were correct I wasn’t reading the sensor wire I was testing the 5v. Additionally I would like to add code 11 says on my pc that it is low on negative . with map off I get full continuity on negative which is 0 on my multimeter. then turn map on continuity lessons to 1.2 on my multimeter. So I did test with map on sensor sits at 1.61v which I’m not sure is normal. Adding wen I suck I can get it down to 0.85v and wen blow I can get it to 1.82v. I’m not sure if this is normal or not. Would you suggest my map is working and it is a wiring issue any more detail will help. I just don’t wan to buy a map sensor to find out it wasn’t the issue. Thank you for your help Actually on testing continuity on negative while map on it jumps up and down but my buzzer for continuity doesn’t sound so I’m not sure if it’s a negative anymore or am I figuring out the issue here and it’s my negative wiring. I’m not sure at all if that’s how it is supposed to be
  2. Thank for that I have back probed and tested my map sensor it shows 4.9v at rest. It is a link 3 bar map sensor also. I’m not sure but I’m sucking on a line very hard and am seeing no change in voltage. I’m not sure on parameters of map sensor but I’m sure I should see it change correct
  3. Hi. I run a g4+ extreme plugin in a 1990 rs legacy which is already tuned. I’m currently getting code 11 and have just about to order a new map sensor. What I want to ask is, how do I change to the new map sensor on pc link do I have to save anything etc. or do I just hook it up and calibrate. Any help much appreciated thanks. FYI I currently have a link 3 bar map sensor but looking at buying a GM 3 bar map sensor or would it be easier to buy a link map sensor. Please advise on both ways if possible as GM Map are a lot cheaper :):) thank you in advance
  4. Can anyone help with how to test map sensor through pc link I don’t know where to find the volts, vacuum etc on pc link
  5. thanks you. Would you recommend buying a new map sensor 1st or checking continuity on wires. FYI I’m a google auto electrician:):)
  6. Raymond Foster

    Fault code 11

    Hi I have a g4+ extreme ecu wrx v1-2 plug in, in a 1990 rs legacy. Car starts fine run ok just this code won’t go away just want to know if it’s important and how do I fix. I clear the fault code it comes straight back an1 is for my map sensor. Also it won’t let me calibrate my map sensor also it says MAP SENSOR CALIBRATION COMAND FAILED: <5kpa or >5kpa of baro reading. Any help will do. Don’t want to reck my car is all Also in status for fault codes it says AN V1 at GND am I able to fix it or is this a buy a new map sensor. Also my map sensors not that old
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