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  1. Here is a video showing the issue, I have moved the Heater ground and this has changed the value the Link is seeing but hasn't fixed the issue...
  2. Hi Frederik, Thankyou for your help, from reading the LC1 guide it says the output voltages can be changed which I have done via the logworks software, both outputs should now be putting out the same voltages, the software says they are atleast. I would like to run the gauge as well as have it hooked up to the ecu, this seems like the only possible solution. I'm wondering and it doesn't seem unlikely after reading around that the lc1 controller itself is faulty...
  3. AN Volt 2 that should be. Its almost as if AN1 is still putting out the Narrow band voltage even though in Logworks its set to the Wideband output. I'm stumped here...Â
  4. I've got An1 from the LC1 (Yellow Wire) connected to AN Volt 3 (White/Brown). Is there a specific wire it should be connected too?
  5. I have connected my LC1 to my G4 Storm with the hope of using it for the Closed Loop Lambda settings, now my issue is the DB gauge is reading the correct AFR's between 14.6-15.2 at idle, but the Link itself is only reading 7,35. Using the logworks software I have configured the Analogue outputs of the LC1 to match the same voltages on both, 0V - 0.500 5v - 1.523 but still the Link will not reflect what the gauge is showing, could this be the grounding offsets? all the earths from the LC1 are wired into the Green sensor ground wires. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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