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  1. Mr.Mohamed i am sameh the seller of the ecu and egypt dealer actually no one tried to contact me in case you need anything here is my number 01001251586 thanks Simon for helping (Y)
  2. do you know where is the tdc mark and pointer on engine,i dont see it on the crank pulley.
  3. Hello, anyone knows ls1 trigger offset ? engine is started with trigger mode LS1 5-10 currently is set to 0 offset Thanks.
  4. i tried dwell from 2.5ms to 3ms that's the range i saw everyone uses online.
  5. tried rising edge too from searching around i read some people use an extra buffer circuit as these coils is low resistance,i tested my coils and it's 388ohm,can the link drive these coils? if not how to build that circuit ?
  6. Hi Simon, yes i have 13+ volt at while engine is running and same battery voltage engine off 12v...i guess this is enough to show strong spark...but my spark is very short even if you try to make a metal to metal contact it wont catch up to any close metal piece i gave pin 2-3 extra ground to the engine block what about the spark edge ? any one knows the correct spark edge for these coils ? its 06E 905 115E part number
  7. Hello i am using Audi R8 Coilpacks on BMW M52 Wasted Spark using ign 1 -2 3 car starts but the spark plugs sometimes get fouled..i tested the coil but the spark is weak pin 2-4 signal and power ground is connected together to engine block spark edge is set falling what could be the issue causing that?
  8. yes thanks ! i didn't understand how i could operate them i only found a video for xtra motorsport race car..i asked the guy and he didn't give me much info except that he make a custom conversion from dual to single dbw..but i didn't understand how it could be done.
  9. Hello Brad..and update so everyone knows my problem, yes you are right 2 days later i pulled the wheel and found it flipped over..i am confused how the engine was even running thanks brad for your input.
  10. Hello, i have S65B40 swap project..i am confused about getting the dual DBW..to work i have seen someone convert the dual DBW to single DBW to get the link/vipec ecu control the throttle's ..can anyone share info about that ? Thanks, Best Regards, Sam.Â
  11. here is picture of my cam seems exactly like the posted above..i didn't knock the engine works with vvt only on intake side..i been lazy and didn't look well.. how can i make it work in my link ecu ? Thanks.Â
  12. Hi David, thank you for the help for the threshold i have gone even lower than 3 but i didn't try the ignition delay with 1 ms it used to be working on 0 for a good time but i will try compression and leak down test is perfect spark plug looks clean and burning pretty well and timing advance mark right on the curve for optimum timing i forgot to mention i even installed new set of id1000 injectors i am gonna try the same threshold map and timing delay and give it a run NOTE  i forgot to mention i used to have my trigger angle at -6 that was spot on the crank tdc mark but after this problem i recheck my trigger offset angle and i changed it -14 to be in the same tdc mark which puzzled me..and my mechanical timing is all on marks. i am worried my ati crank damper is marked wrong..or my last guess my ecu is bad.Â
  13. Hello David, i am sorry i didn't have log file for the problem..but it can happen in boost and out of boost i have tried different afr settings..11-11.5-12.5-13 etc more timing less timing..the problem don't happen at certain rpm..it just happens anytime on boost or out of boost..i tried disconnecting the charge pipe and test and still got the trigger errors. here is one of the maps that faced the problem...timing is conservative here..i didn't save the last one in the car but that was the initial one on my laptop.
  14. Hello i have 2jz running link extreme the engine was running fine for couple week then i got trigger error counter problem i checked the polarity with led and  metal  piece both cam and trigger ground at same point(green wire) i disconnected the alternator cable so i check if there's noise caused by the alternator i grounded the ecu to the chassis tried different crank and cam sensors increased the threshold and decreased it i used both front and cam sensor engine timing is double checked for camshaft and crank marks timing is synced with timing gun. replaced the coil packs and running resistor spark plugs bkr8eix increased the dwell and regapped the plugs down to .55 mm tried different type of spark plugs. the problem start and wot right before boost and sometimes at start of spool i am not sure what else i can do to fix this problem ..can anybody help please ? ThanksÂ
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