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  1. It's a good suggestion. My understanding is that the OEM controller controls the DCCD via CAN bus. I see Motec has a controller available that seems to be able to replicate (and improve) this functionality over CAN bus. It may be possible to control the electromagnetic coil (I'm going on what you say here, I don't know the inner workings). We would want to examine how the factory controller does it and then see how much current it involved. If you come across any documents with this then be sure to share them. Scott
  2. There has been discussion on this, but the LSU 4.9 sensor seems to be working well for most customers so far. Are you wanting the NTK because if an extended range or longer life or? Scott
  3. Here is a file for the G4+ Knockblock. Scott KnockBlock Quick Start G4+ Link 0116.pdf
  4. The feedback we have had is that we would need to make a trigger mode specifically for the VQ37. This is on our request list to do. Scott
  5. Yes, this is possible. To alter the amount of air flowing through the throttle at idle you want to change the values in the idle base position table. The values in this table add on to the values from the e-throttle target table. If this doesn't help please post a PCLog of the idle hunt and your current base-map. Scott
  6. Possibly the dash is not set up to use this data set? The engine speed, MAP and TPS should all work. If someone wants to send us an IQ3 we are happy to test this ourselves. Scott
  7. Scott

    Cruise Control Setup

    I have just tested this here, the following image shows my results: Can you record a PCLog on your updated firmware showing each of the buttons being pressed? Scott
  8. Scott

    Evo X Pnp

    Thanks for the offer to help. The main problem is that there are so many opportunities for products to build. The more people who show interest in a potential product the more likely we are to prioritise it. Scott
  9. Hi Blaine, Thanks for giving this a go. If you look at the 'CAN' tab of the runtime values window, does the CAN module you are using have any errors? Scott
  10. Scott

    Evo X Pnp

    You are right, a plug-in ECU for the EVO X would be a worthwhile product. This is something that is on our requests list, but not something we have started working on. Scott
  11. The problem is the auto gearbox. Not many aftermarket ECUs are able to control the auto transmission. One possible solution may be to do a 'piggy back' install. This is where the factory ECU (and transmission controller) are kept, and the Link ECU takes control of various ECU outputs. Generally these would be the injectors, ignition coils, fuel pump, and wastegate solenoid. The engine sensors get shared between the factory ECU and the Link ECU. Sometimes these installs can be troublesome. I recommend finding a local Link dealer and ask them if they've done an install like this before. Scott
  12. Good work. Ok, so you will need to wire the CAN H from the Link ECU to the white wire, and the CAN L from the Link ECU to the black wire. I have prepared a Link CAN Stream file to test if this is going to work. The file contains the Haltech CAN ID 360. Here is what the Haltech data sheet says: Here is how you will set up the Mode tab of the Link's CAN setup window: In the Mode tab select the CAN Module you have wired to the IQ3. Set the CAN ID to 864. The haltech data sheet uses a hexidecimal CAN value of x360, the Link ECU decimal equivalent is 864. Then move to the Streams tab of the CAN s
  13. Ok cool, that is good info. Were you able to find out which pins were CAN H and CAN L? Scott
  14. It would be ideal if they could supply something similar to this: That way we could see the actual data layout. And as the ECUs have custom CAN configuration it is highly likely we could replicate it. Scott
  15. The Aim dashes use Link ECU's "Generic Dash" CAN data stream. It is no problem to make the G4+ Xtreme transmit this. What I do not know is how you would connect the CAN bus (CAN H and CAN L) to the Racepak without their V-net Module. The manual for the IQ3 doesn't appear to give any clues to the pinout of the V-net connector. http://downloads.racepak.com/IQ3/IQ3_Manual_v2.pdf My understanding (which could be wrong) is that the 'Haltech IQ3' has an inbuilt V-net module, and so does not need an external v-net module. Where-as the 'Racepak IQ3' requires an external V-net module. If you find out
  16. Welcome back paulr33. I'm sure your project will be useful to others in the future. Scott
  17. Good work, it is now running nicely on the COP setup? Scott
  18. If you are running E85 all the time I would look at turning on Pre-Crank Prime and setting the table to have only one row, with values similar to the 80% and 90% rows in the table from above. There are four types on cold start enrichment on the ECU, and they activate at different times. It would be worth reviewing the help file on the 4 different types of cold start enrichment, so that you can then identify which cold start settings need adjusting to get a good engine start. Have a look at: PCLink Help > G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Fuel > Cold Start Scott
  19. High levels of ethanol can require significantly larger amounts of fuel for cold start. We have a sample base-map included with PCLink called 'G4+ Xtreme Black Multi Fuel Sample'. I recommend having a look through here to see how much we are modifying the cold start values for ethanol. Here is a picture of the pre-crank prime: You can see how when the engine is cold (10 degrees C) on petrol we use a value of 50, yet on E100 we use a value of 400. Scott
  20. You only need to connect to one of the cylinder 1 pins (A21 or A22). If you are running 4 coils, each with a built in ignitor then I would expect your ignition setup to be something like this: On the honda the spark edge is normally 'Rising', but if you have removed the factory ignitor and coil then I expect it to now be Falling. If you can not get the engine to start then attach your base-map and a short PCLog of you trying to start the engine. Scott
  21. Scott

    Injector Timing

    The mixture will be richest when the engine is burning the most fuel. As the injector timing is being adjusted (and not the volume of fuel) when the reading is richest the engine is burning the most fuel, and not wasting it by passing it through unburnt. Scott
  22. If installing individual coils with built in ignitors they will be wired like this: If you have coils with out built in ignitors you will need an external ignitor channel between the ECU ignition outputs and each coil. The factory B16A distributor pickups will work fine for direct spark ignition. Why do you want to use the mitsubishi trigger system? How many sensors does it have and how many toothed wheels? How many teeth on each wheel? Scott
  23. Scott

    g4 tablet dash

    Hyperblade has some videos of his setup in this thread: Scott
  24. The 'Nissan GTR/GTS' plug-in ECU had some dip switches to swap the Trig 1/Trig 2 connections, but other than that there is no special hardware differences that I can see. Hopefully you won't need to swap the trigger anyway, and if you do need to you can always do it in the loom. Scott
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