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  1. Hi.  I have both the USB port and Serial port connected to the box. however I dont get the serial port to work. (USB works just well) first.. I tryed to use rs232 TX, RX and Ground cable on the Serial port. I get no connection to ECU.. tryed to switch TX,RX cables but no look  what do I exactly need to connect, and do I need to make any changes in the configuration of the ECU, in order to use the serial port? G4 Communication port pin 5 (yellow) to rs232 db9 pin 3 G4 Comminucation port pin 6 (Grey) to rs232 db9 pin 2 G4 Communication port pin 1 (Brown) to rs232 db9 pin 5 (I use hardware serial rs232 on the computer.. no USB-Serial converter)  please advice   /Regards Nore
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