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  1. Hi Guys , I'm trying to get the speedo working from the ECU Aux1 output. I have tested the speedo input to the dash by connecting straight to the T56 gearbox speed sensor (reluctor) output, this makes the speedo work (180KMH shows at about 15KMH, but hey, its working) I cant get the ECU to drive the speedo though. I can see 6v AC coming out of the Aux output during 'sweep on key' for the first 2 secs, which looks good, but no movement on speedo when the output is connected to the dash. I have the output connected Aux1 to Y/R and Ground Out to Y/W as shown below. I'm thinking the Speedo doesnt like PWM and wants AC to make it work, anyone got this working with the G4+ Extreme on an Rx7 FD? Any help much appreciated Jim
  2. Hi, Â Trying to decide which ECU to buy for my 20B project, single turbo, ported etc. Seems a few of you out there may have done this already with the G4+ Extreme, were you happy with it? Thanks! Jim
  3. Hey Adriano, Â Just about to purchase a G4+ extreme for my 20B build, did it end up being the right choice for you? Â thanks! Jim
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