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  1. I have a G4 storm with Aux Out 1 wired to a s15 dash cluster, I had to use Aux 1 as the maximum range on this dash takes about 2300hz to read. When I set up the speedo sweep frequency there are two issues. The direct entry box is limited to 1200 hz even though the output can support beyond that. Secondly when entering a value above 500hz there is a dialogue box saying the value is outside the max/min and no value was changed. Can this be looked at for the next revision of the g4 software?
  2. Hi I am looking to drive a digital dash, and would like to send it my fuel level sender reading via a spare analogue input. I would possibly also like to send fuel temperature also, however thats not as important. I see in the CAN setup the interface seems to be set up to allow you to select inputs to be sent over CAN, however it is all greyed out and only lets you load a lcc file. Any Idea when we will be able to create our own lcc file? or is someone at link able to generate one for me? Cheers Taylor
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