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  1. Anyone that have a map for rb25det with bosch 750cc standard tps and coils i cant get it right with the base map! anyone?
  2. Hello. ive just connected up my link g3 to my rb25det, and open up the base map and stored it to my ecu, but it wont start.im runnin bosch 750cc injectors, standard tps, gt35 turbo, greddy manifold... when i turn the key and the starter is spining the engine is trying to ignite but it just seems that it drowns in fuel. When i look at the sparkplug its very wet with fuel to, how do i change the injector size in links program? or what do you think i have to do? hope you can understand my problem
  3. Hello. Im running a rb25det in my s13, I have bolt in the link ecu to the loom and tried to start the engine. But I can't get a signal to the fuel pump. When I check in the link program the fuel pump is on, but I can't hear the pump running. What's the problem? Something I missed? Please help me. TimmyÂ
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