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  1. pushing up this question Is there a way to run a big enough idle system togheter with dbw? two solenoids would be great. /Tommy
  2. Hi! I'm building a Lambo replica and i have tuned a M120 Mercedes v12 engine with itb's on it. Engine is stock by now. Running Bmw m3 Accutators/servomotors for the E-throttle, got two of this. I got a own engine dyno and roller, trying to tune idle with this setup but it is hard to get stable without take some help from idle ignition. When i boost ignition at idle the engine missfires and there are some trouble to get clean exhaust gases. Need to get perfect exhaust numbers to get pass the car inspection. But my last idea is to only use E-throttle as servo assist for pedal and don't use them as idle control. Instead i mount isc solenoids and running them for idle control. Running a Thunder on this and got room for adding isc solenoids. When i setup this funtion in the software, "open/closed loop sol idle control" ask me if i got a 4 or 6 wire stepper. I thougth i could use 2 pin solenoids? I think i will need one stepper for each bank of the engine, total of 2 solenoids. Can i run two 4 pin stepper as paralell to one output? can the drives handle that? I have never used 4 pins steppers before, maybe i cant't use them on the same setup. What should you do in my situation?
  3. I have som kind of same problem with my thunder on a v12 engine. Cl throttle is adding and pulling away procent of the throttle. If in closed loop and pulled away 5 %on idle i only got 95% opening on full throttle. - 3% Will be 97%on full throttle and so on. I had this issue over a year without fix, lambda correction bank by bank dosen't work either. I had mail contact that ran out in sand. Sad because it's a good ecu..
  4. Hi, more problems due todays tuning. overrun fuelcut emptys the fuelpressure when it is on. Have tested all hardware and ther are no problems this far. Is it any known issue? The engine stalls directly after a overrun fuel cut episode and are hard to start right away. Looks like it is overflooded on the exhaustgases. Here is a log file with the fenomen. Look at overrun fuelcut and fuelpressure, also on lambda cylinderbank 2, that is rich if i force it to be alive. Link thunder with a v12 Mercedes engine br'nslepumpstrul.llg
  5. My throttle target map is a mess right now. Just playing around with it. With open loop E-throttle idle and ignition idle set to on, the rpm is pretty solid. But i want to use the closed loop function. It is a complex throttle setup with links from acctuators to the throttles. This can be why the dc % on the motors appears weird? Maybe it is a pid tuning thing? But the most important of all, is the Closed loop idle doing it wrong? Like Simon says "it should not be doing it but think you might be able to work around the issue"
  6. Hi! i'm tuning a Mercedes M120.980. A 6liter V12 with a Link Thunder. Dual Bmw s54 throttle servos and 12 Mikuni throttlebodies. Everything runs great and i'm in to tuning drivability when i come to a problem. If i choose to use Closed loop idle control via E-throttle i get a weird problem. full throttle when engine stalled is 100% tp Main. Full throttle with engine running is not full throttle on tp Main. This is because the "icl cl trim" is doing a -5.1% (this is different) then there will only be 94.9% on the tp-main. I can't se why closed loop idle is affecting top end throttle. i submit a log file thats prove my conclusion. Even submit the tune. Have i figured out a software issue or is it my fault? On the actual tune i'm running open loop idle and ignition idle. that works about okay. There are not problem with that setup! M120 443hp 95oct gas.pclr Log 2017-03-22 9;00;52 pm.llg
  7. Ohh Thank you! i totally missed that! Thank's alot
  8. Hi! i really would like to see a second E-throttle target map. Planning to have two different power modes in my engine and it's not a turbo engine. Would be very nice if i could switch throttle curves if i'm going to let some other people drive my car. I running a Thunder!
  9. Scott, thats right that one of this magna steer systems reverse polarity in the middle of the total travel. But if my google skills is good enough i sorted that the 98- and newer only had 0-12+volt for the adjust. Thats means i could use a solidstate relay to begin play with the settings and see if i could get this up and running. I'm in planning mode for my kable harness and there are alot of things to plan for! Thank you for fast and good answer, it's the outline of my comfort zon so i must have some verification that my brain is not over filled with coffe!
  10. Hi I got a replica build with a rack and pinion from corvette c5 with magnasteer (adjusteble resistanse in steeringwheel). This thing on the original car is set up with two parameters, speed and g-force. I got a Thunder so i can play with both axis. But the signal to the rack is from 0 volt to 12 volt linear. So when speed increase the voltage should also to make steering stiffer. Can i use pwm signal or do you think i need another part to adjust voltage to the rack and pinion? If i got under 2 amps, can i run i directly from pwm output?
  11. Hi! I'm just bought a thunder ecu to run on my Mercedes M120.980 (6.0 liter v12). I wonder if i can run twin distributor function on this? Each bank got a own distributor with coil. Two distributors and two coils total. The firing order is alternating between cyl bank1 to cyl bank2. Is there any way to get a distributor mode that fires bank 1 coil on first cylinder (cyl1) and then fire the second coil on cylinder 12 at bank2 and then the ignition alternating between coils and banks thru a cycle. Original this engine have two seperate ignition systems. And one other thing, would be very nice with a installation manual like there used to be. Been running alot of this systems i all kinds of cars (got performance shop). There are always good to have the manual.
  12. Hello! The settings runs well on ver1,2 board but not on my 1.1 board. Today i found a problem. The internal mapsensor is not corrsponding on my light throttle. Only big thottling make difference in map preassure. Can a broken mapsensor be my issue fpr all my idle problem? Today it even was hard to drive when the symptom arrived. So the problem is getting bigger and bigger by the time. Regards Tommy
  13. Thank´s for the answer! I haven´t check whats firmware it is in the box i borrowed. I should do that and come back. In my box i got the latest version. My box is ver 1,1. I use aux 1 and 2 and. It take like an hour to get it strange in the idle position. After that it always stalls when dropping from high rev. But when it stands in idle at 750rpm it works fine. And when it´s cold it works fine. Can there be any issue with the mapsensor? My engine is tuned by tps and not map. I wonder if the ECU read the mapsensor in the background and do some calculations for fuel ? Regards Tommy
  14. My problem is worked out. The problem was my Link g4 storm ecu. When it gets warm the idle vale dosen´t work correct. My version is 1,1 with serie number 50xx. Is there other drivers for idle vale in that ver than ver 1,2 (blue case)? Becasue it works really fine with the other ecu. Regards Tommy
  15. I got one big problem. My Link storm dosen´t catch my engine when it comes back from high revs. On idle, the solenoid works and the idle is stable. I have tested different pwm settings from 30-100hz and 200hz and it works best with 50-100hz. The solenoid is a bosch  0280 140 545. 3 cable and it came from a bmw m50b25 -93 The engine got a little bit lowerd compression and have a mild ported head. In this shape with all this components the oem ecu have no problems to work with this things, converted to link and now it is a big problem. The biggest problem i can see for the moment are that Link dosen´t adjust the duty cycle fast enough. If i could make a 3d table with rpm and temp axis i could set the base position duty manuel and perhaps that will catch the engine from stall. When i look at the realtime values link is to slow with anti stall kompensation and the engine has already droped 500rpm below target. I want it to catch the engine before it reach idle rpm. I have tried everything and the only thing that worked a little better is the early idle solenoid from m50b25 1991-92 (bosch with 524 last numbers) That is a little bit different but works on the same way with one master and slave channel (aux 1 and aux2) The problem is bigger if the engine speed drops fast but it can also suddenly be a problem when cruising in town and press clutch and brake att the same time. The engine stalls. I got idle ignition activated, that helped. Afr is stable and i drive tps at main fueltable and a 4D fueltable with map compesation so the engine is most of the time at lambda 1.0. If the engine drops below idle target it gets more fuel and ignition just like the oem ecu are programmed to do (thats what i heard). Is there any way to get this 3d table for base position dutycycle (idle) ? Is there any way to get rpm/sek compensation so if the engine drops faster there is more gain to the duty signal? i Thought this things will help me sort the problems out. The car is a bmw e36 1993 build for turbo but runs N/A right now for serious tuning before turbo installation. It runs on E85 and it works kind of okay so far, starts well in -5 celsius (23 farenheit). Siemens 630 injectors, multi point group abd VAG coil on plugs waste fire. Ps i tried the settings that came with your plugin box for this engine- no sucsess. Is there other drivers for the idle solenoid in the plugin ecu? Can that be the problem? Regards Tommy
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