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  1. Vasili

    Ecu to pdm via can

    Hi i have a Hp electronik power box model no. Hp8441
  2. Vasili

    Ecu to pdm via can

    Hi, Can I use the can bus to sent the auxiliary output signals to my power distribution module from my ecu instead of running individual cables for each channel? Btw I’m running a g4+ extreme and an aim mxl pista dash thanks vasilis
  3. Hi Scott, Thanks for the help. The DisplayLink works again. I'll take a look on the PCLink help files.
  4. Hi Scott, The g4 strom was connected via CAN. when the DisplayLink powers up shows the Link logo for a split second then the display and backlight switch off. When I press the left or right button the red led goes off and sometimes some pixels show up on the screen. Thanks
  5. I have deen using an Aim Mxl dash for about a year now with my g4 storm on my altezza. I upgraded to a g4+ extreme and i would like to know if there is a way to setup the ecu to receive data from the dash. I also have a silvia s15 running a g4+ pnp with a Displaylink. For an unknown reason the display powers up for a second and immediately goes off. Sometimes a couple of columns of pixels remain visible but most of the times only a red led remains on. Any help will be appreciated
  6. Hi guys, I ordered a g4+ plug-in for my s15 and have some questions for u. I've been reading the manual and messed around a little with the base map from PClink and noticed that the vvt is disabled. I plan on enabling it. Any one knows the vvt solenoid frequency and has a vvt table for the sr20det? Thanks Vasilis
  7. Vasili

    New map sensor

    Hi guys need some help. I run a g4 storm and want to use an aftermarket map sensor instead of the onbroad one. Will I have to retune my car or can I just calibrate it? Thanks Vasilis
  8. Vasili

    G4 storm Altezza 3sge

    Hi Simon, I need your help again. When I turn on the ingition the fans turn on and stay on. When I try to assign a aux out to whatever fuction requires a relay eg engine fan, fuel pump the ecu goes offline. Any idea way? I checked my wiring and everything looks ok. Thanks
  9. Vasili

    G4 storm Altezza 3sge

    Hi, Looking for some help wiring and configuring a g4 storm to my altezza. Any help would be great. Vasilis
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