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  1. Hi. Im trying to get a evo 8 to start up. I did use the evo 5 base map, found out several I/O was wrong, now i found out the fuel pump isnt working. Is there any different from Evo 5 to Evo 8 in fuel settings on the pump? I also have 2 Oxygen sensors (front and rear) but it dosnt seams to work and map says its on pin 76 in the ecu. //Regards
  2. Jimmy Engdahl

    ECT problem

    Iv got a problem with a Ford Escort Cosworth with Link G4 Storm. iv upgraded from 4.3.4 to 4.5.1 after upgrade we got problem with ECT on AN T1 when we sett the AN T1 channel to OFF we see the temp and it seams to work. but when we sett it on ECT temp it changes to 194c. what can be wrong.. something with the new firmware? //Regards
  3. Jimmy Engdahl

    Launch activate

    Hi. I wonder if i can use the Launch controll so its activated when im running under like 10km/h or something. is it possible to activate with Speed? and if it work, how do i do it? iv got G4 P&P; on Evo 6 TME //Regards
  4. i notice it still drops connection with pclink software. it says 11,2Hz beside 'Offline' text. has this 'Value Out Of Bounds something to do with that? iv got problem with the map sensor aswell. tells me an v2 at gnd. dont know if its connected wrong. havent found any good picture to see how its should be. //Regards.
  5. i did remove the battery and now it works. iv got the latest firmware now. you got any good start map on 1200cc injectors with 2.0L evo 6? can i remove the orginal nb oxy sensor and use a wideband with original cabels? //Regards
  6. Hi. When i try upgrade firmware it wont find the ECU. i can connect with PCLINK and get online. but some times it disconnects. iv got fw 4.4.1. anyone got any tip on whats can be the problem? is there anyway to do a factory default if there is any problem? i have only tested the ECU on my old Evo IV last year. now i got a Evo VI TME. ECU is never realy used. //Regards
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