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    Hi Ross. I am a french owner of '04 WRX with hard modifications : EJ25 (STi v10) with Eagle connecting rods, Mahle Pistons, Cosworth engine bearings, Cometic Phuzion head gaskets STI v11 heads (dual AVCS) Reversed intake manifold (Magnus) (cable throttle, not by wire) Dynamics Injectors (1000c) Perrin fuel rails Sard fuel pressure regulator Anti-surge fuel system (Bosh pump 300l/h) Twinscroll header (Prodrive OEM) SC46 twinscroll turbo Mishimoto aluminium radiator Gearbox oil radiator Power steering oil radiator Rear differential oil radiator (Perrin) STi v10 DCCD gearbox (manual control) Toyota 2JZ twin turbo FMIC (TRD) No A/C, no ABS, no ESP I just bought a G4 Xtreme in order to control quad AVCS and many other things. I am looking for a base map for this car (SP98, not E85 for the moment). I don't have SI-drive or E-throttle and I don't want the MAF any more (MAP + IAT= is the best!) Do you think I will have to install basic camshaft position sensor (with this braket : http://www.carmodsaustralia.com.au/ecommerce/products/171/cosworth-billet-cam-angle-s= ensor-bracket-sb0002-171-1005-lrg.jpg http://carmodsaustralia.com.au/ecommerce/products/171/cosworth-billet-cam-angle-s=ensor-bracket-sb0002-171-1005-lrg.jpg' target='_blank'>for first start? (my STi v10 heads don't have OEM place to fit the sensor) Best regards. Jim
  2. Hi Scott. This is the factory wiring diagram : http://images.subby.fr/wattman_/Photos/Plan&schemas/AVCS-STiX.png I suspect the same as you, it should be wired as the intake cam sensors, that's why i wanted to be sure. Here are intake sensor part numbers : RH and LH are the same : 22056AA140 Exhaust sensor part numbers : LH : 22056AA210 RH : 22056AA200 I think the difference between LH and RH exhaust sensor is due to the wiring loom that doesn't use the same way both sides. Cheers, Jim
  3. I doesn't seem to be an interesting question... Will i have to find by myself? Â
  4. Hi! I'm a french owner of a '04 WRX (225hp) EUDM. I am doing hard modifications : EJ25 (STi V10) engine with Eagle connecting rods, cosworth bearings, Mahle low expansion pistons STi V10 heads (quad AVCS) Twinscroll Spec-c headers (OEM) 1000cc dynamic injectors Reversed intake manifold (Magnus) SC46 twinscroll turbo DCCD JDM STi v9 gearbox 2JZ twinturbo FMIC Aluminium radiators (engine oil, gearbox oil, powersteering oil) Rear transmission Perrin radiator and so many mods. I am trying to use G4 Xtreme ECU and I have some troubles with AVCS sensor wiring. I've found 3 different diagrams to identify each wire on the sensors. I don't have OEM wiring loom, I am building it by myself. Is the diagram given by Link EM right? Is it normal that each sensor is not wired the same way? (right inlet camshaft angle sensor is not wired like 3 others) I have exhaust camshaft angle sensors with 3 wires but the diagram shows 2 wires sensors, so how do I have to wire it? And last but not least, do I have to wire the camshaft position sensor placed behind the intake sprocket (driver side, LHD) ? Because my heads are not equipped to fit this 2 wires sensor, but I can also use it with Cosworth bracket. Many questions but I am a bit confused and I don't think I speak english very well... Sorry. JimÂ
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