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  1. Thank You Scott. This helps me a lot. I was a little confused when i looked at the Connector but no wire in 134-1. Since my Post, i have found some wire diagrams for a 99-00 P1. They seem to be the same as JDM STi Ver5/6.
  2. i recently had my fuel pump go out, and when i traced the Black yellow stripe wire back from pump harness, i found that the connectors have melted. the immediate Black connector is the worst, but after replacing that wire i still had No power, so i traced the wire back further to where the rear harness connects and that connector was melted where the Black w/ yellow stripe wire was as well. i want to find the cause of this so that i can Re-Wire the Pump, but i do not know where the Fuel Pump wire starts at the ECU. The manual says AUX 1 which is B134-1 but there isnt a wire in that position. what color is the Fuel Pump wire starting at the ECU, and what position is it if not at B134-1?
  3. Weldon

    Flex fuel on G4

    i would definitely like to read the boost control thread. My tuner mostly deals with the Cobb AP , but i dont know how many times hes tuned for flex fuel with a Stand Alone EM. I would just like to be prepaired for whatever may happen.
  4. Weldon

    Flex fuel on G4

    whats the difference between how its done on a G4 vs G4+? I thot you tuned for Petrol, and then for E85, and the maps blend depending on the ethanol content that is read by the Sensor. I didnt know there was another way.
  5. Weldon

    Flex fuel on G4

    Ok so i only need to wire it up to the DI correct? And how do i display the Temp? I know that the Frequency displays the %, and the Status displays that its active, but those are the only options that i see... EDIT: Nevermind i found the Ethanol % and Temp in the Fuel drop down menu. I was looking in the DI menu. I appreciate your help Scott. thank You
  6. Weldon

    Flex fuel on G4

    Thank You Scott. I have another question. When the sensor is all wired in, Can i Display both the E% and the Temp using a Digital Gauge on PC Link? Will The temp display just wired into the DI? or do i have to splice an AN V into the sensor as well? When i create a Digital Gauge for the Sensor, It shows the DI Frequency (HZ), and im guessing that reads the E%, but how do i get it to display the Temp as well?
  7. Weldon

    Flex fuel on G4

    So when wiring in the Continental Flex Fuel Sensor, I set it up in PC Link with Pull Up Resistor:ON & what do i set the Active Edge at?
  8. I have a Ver5 STi RA, and i want to get rid of the Intake Manifold. Can i Use a different Intake manifold other than the Ver5 with my G4 PnP ecu? What do i have to do in order to use a USDM WRX manifold?
  9. Weldon


    Do you have a map for a Ver5 STi with: DW850cc Injectors DW300 Pump Speed Density=MAP+IAT GTX3071 w/.63ar 3" TBE EWG FMIC
  10. Weldon

    Engine swap

    I have a Ver5 STi RA. If I swap my Ver5 ej207 with a Ver7 ej207, will my Link G4 PnP still control the ver7?
  11. So i figured it out finally. I tried Uninstalling PC Link, then Re-Installing it several Times, but it didn't work. What i ended up having to do is, not only Uninstall the PC Link application, but i also had to Uninstall the Drivers, and then Re-Install everything. For some reason, when i turned my Car off while Data Logging, it caused an Error, and wouldn't let me Connect again. Â I hope this Helps anyone else who has this problem.Â
  12. Okay, so the Wire that i thot was exposed, was just the wires in the sheathing/Insulation sticking out. All the wires ARE connected. I remember that the last time i was connected, i was Logging, and i forgot to stop Logging, and forgot to Disconnect from the ECU. I just turned my car off w/o clicking the Stop or Disconnect functions. Would that have done anything? When i plug the USB into my LapTop, and press 'connect to ecu'  it says that it isnt connected, and to check the connection. Does anyone have any advice?Â
  13. I dropped my Ver5 STi off to get some gauges installed while I was at work, and I did some data logging on the trip to the shop. A few days after I picked my car up, I decided to wire the Wide Band to the Link so that I can data log AFRs. When I tried connecting, it wouldn't connect. I kept getting the, 'check connection....' error and I knew it had just worked, so I followed the USB cable to the ECU and there is 2 wires not connected inside the box. One wire is exposed, and was causing my car to bog out when I touched it (so I taped it up) and the other wire was like it had never been connected or was cut, bcuz there arent any exposed wires coming from it. I plan on going back to the shop 2mrw when they are open, but I had a quick question. Are all the wires to the USB cable s'pose to be connected? And if so, does that mean the shop cut one of them? I hate to make accusations, but it was working fine when I dropped it off. I can see that it was possible that the exposed wire got pulled out on accident, because I have the USB routed up through the cup holder above the Hvac unit, and my gauges were installed on the center bin so the wires are routed very close together and I could see the USB accidentally getting pulled thinking it was the gauge wire, but what about the wire that isn't exposed? It was either cut, or never hooked up to begin with. And for the record, this is the same shop that installed my Link to begin with.Â
  14. Weldon


    i doubt i can be helped over the net LoL, but i just wanted to thank you for the people that you are actually helping! Not a lot of ppl doing that these days and i think ur awesome for using your time in doing so!
  15. Yeah it was a bad screen shot, But it stays at 180 kPa . Even the Meter on the side only goes to 180.
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