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  1. Hi, I have a link g1 v3 running and rb30e+t.  When transferring from rolling to acceleration, with the smallest amount of accelerator pressure the car leans out completely unless you give it more throttle. Do you know which setting or combination of setting can prevent this ?  Thanks
  2. Fault turned out to be CAS wiringÂ
  3. Have a link G1 V3 in a VL rb30e+t was running good did an engine swap It cranked first go drove around for 15 minutes then cruising at 100 it just died. still cranks but no spark.  full tank of gas. Is it normal for spark plug to spark once when key is moved from off to on (not  start) tried a different CAS that's known working and no luck Any suggestions what else to try ?
  4. Hey wondering if a Link G1 V3 Â B42V3 Â will be able to be converted to use on a 25det head rb30. From what ive read itll need a multi coil igniter but im wondering if the crank angle sensor from the 30e head wont be putting out the same trigger signals as the DET head CAS ? cheers MattÂ
  5. Ive got an RB30e +T running with a Link G1 V3. Â Its been tuned and the tuner has left lamda off, wondering if i should have it on or off ? cheers
  6. Matt Jenkins

    VL plugin

    Does a Link G1 (??)Â plugin like this still exsist for rb30 holden VLs? http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb121/wog40t/100_5636.jpg
  7. Hi, ive got a link G1 V3.  I wired in the link and got it running, did about 100kms with it no problems and now it will start for about 5-10 seconds then die and when i try to start again the RPM value shows 000 so im assuming it stops getting a trigger signal ? Any tips on where to go from here ? Cheers Â
  8. Unsure, its the resistor between the Ignition 3 connector plug and the transistor, Â ive added a picture which should clear it up. Â It's where ive put the white 10R resistor. Â So now assuming my guess was wrong and should replace it with a 22R ? Cheers
  9. Hi mate, Ive got what i think is a Link G1 V3.   Sticker on the chip says  B42V3   201000 And the board has a sticker that says  9709  S/N  314527 Is it possible to get a circuit diagram for the board or if there is a guru that would know what the resisotor value is of the first resistor in line with the Ignition 3 input i have managed to roast it.  Cheers
  10. Running and RB30E+T using the RB30 turbo injectors and a link V3. Â Will i need to add in a ballast resistor pack?Â
  11. Just found the ECCS CAS Nissan diagram on your site. Â Just want to confirm this will apply to the Holden CAS ? Pin 1- Yellow Pin 2- White Pin 3- 12v Pin 4- Ground
  12. Matt Jenkins

    CAS Wires

    Hey there closing stages of wiring in a LINK V3. Â Do you know which wires from the VL RB30E Â CAS Â are used for Trigger 1 and 2 ? Â The CAS has an earth, 12v, yellow and a white. Â Dont know which of the yellow or white to use for Trigger 1 and if Trigger 2 is needed at all. Â Cheers.
  13. Hello, about to attempt wiring in a Link V3 to a holden RB30E to which i have added a turbo. Â Am wondering if i will need the link ECU igniter module or can run my factory igniter no problems? thanks
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