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  1. I got them close but if i am going to use the closed loop i think i might just the bullet and buy can link and expansion plug.
  2. you are not wrong,such a nonsense,i did monitor ecu input voltage from WB whilst looking at the gauge so i have some numbers which should get me close.
  3. Any body have one they can share mine is off by a fair bit(the stock innovate cal table) i have earthed sensor to engine etc but not good enough. always 0.5 out Thanks in advance Andy
  4. I have wired in a hall m50 vanos cam sensor and now have 2 triggers and rpm. Â hooray!! only prob now is the popping and banging and trying to run backwards, must be firing order or injector wiring i guess
  5. Right by fitting m50 crank sensor (sync off) i have rpm i need to get the cam working though for Sequential ive fitted a m50 cam sensor but have no voltage or signal. is there a possibility the cams have a different trigger Wheel  ive even wired the crank into trig 2 and have signal yes to test circuit.  thanks  andy
  6. Right fitted m50 (inductive) 325 crank sensor. wired brown trigger +ve.    Pin 1 yellow -ve(sensor ground).   Pin2 red yellow shield(shield ground). Pin 3 set reluctor in trigger 1 60-2 level low.  still no rpm swapped +ve and -ve nothing did have trigger yes on signal once but no rpm have 2-3 volts ac across brown and yellow whilst cranking It did seem odd though that when i connect -ve wire to ecu sig ground i lose the 2-3 volt ac  please help  thanks  andy
  7. Swapped to m50 vr sensor,wired as per link help sheet,trigger 1/-ve/shield changed settings to reluctor 60-2 still no rpm reading on pc link,am i missing something or not done somethimg really simple  thanks again  andy
  8. Hello all  ive recently fitted a link g4 to a customers 328 E36 i have ect/tps/map/iat etc working but cant get rpm signal as far as i can see on the diagrams the 325(m50 with bosch ecu) uses vr(inductive/normal)crank sensors however the 328(m52 with siemens) seem to use some hybrid hall/vr 5v sensor i have tried all sorts to get it running in trigger settings but no rpm signal(car ran on stock ms41 m52 ecu) from what i can make out according to bmw and autodata i have red/yellow 5v live yellow signal wire and a brown -ve any body come across this before? am i better off fitting a m50/325 vr sensor? thanks Please help andy
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