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  1. ok that clears it up. It has one dimple on the underside near the plug. not what i was hoping for as it came with a v5 setup for 3tgte twinspark. I notice the circuit board is printed "LINK 1999 IGNX3" and has 3 of everything (resistors, diodes etc) but has only one transistor heat sinked to the housing. and it has 3 bolt holes for other transistors im assuming. so would it be correct to assume i can add another BUK856-400iz transistor to make it a dual channel? cheers
  2. thanks but i was hoping more like the overview, features and specifications like listed for G4 ecu's. I know this once existed but i be damned if i can find one.
  3. ok thanks guys. yes 24 teeth would be easier to machine or even better, 12. which may mimic the 20v crank angle signal (to replace 24 tooth cam trigger wheel). Just curious, is there such a thing as loss of accuracy/precision by using a lower crank angle tooth count?
  4. Hi i'm building a boosted rwd 4age 20v and using a 7afe oil pump which has a VR crank trigger integrated into it. the oem 7afe cambelt drive pulley uses a 36-4(?) timing count. pictured here http://toycrazy.net/mark/pics/ke25/7aoilpump.jpg http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l2/Ewird/Image051.jpg I cannot run the oem 7afe cambelt drive pulley due to larger diameter and the belt tooth count is 24 instead of 18. (the 4ag head has smaller cam pulleys (36tooth). So I either require a custom pulley or timing plate sandwiched behind the 4a pulley to trigger the crank sensor. This is not a problem to make. I am wanting to know if it is worth keeping this particular timing arrangement? (36-4). please excuse my noobness when it comes to technical terms.. Is it compatible with the G4? will it provide a reliable signal up to 9500rpm? Is the 4-linked timing teeth (36-4) suitable for sequential ignition/injection if used in conjunction with a cam angle sensor? or would i be better to change the tooth count and/or make the timing teeth continuous, or have a missing tooth arrangement 36-1 etc? since i'm requiring a new pulley.. I may as well make it to suit the application. thanks in advance. hope someone can enlighten me. -mark
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