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  1. Thanks for remember Matt, but I checked the engine light when I wired it. It's ok. The bulb powers off when the key is switched off. Infortunatly, I think my problem is more complicated. This weekend, after read the technical notes about 'Avoiding Auxiliary Output Back-feeding' I did a review of all installation searching a mistake like a solenoid wired to an auxiliary output that has its power supply wired directly to the battery. I didn't find anything wrong. So, I disconected all devices from ecu and wired the ecu directly to the oem main relay powered by the switch key. Now, the ecu hasn't any aux wired. After, I measured the aux outputs again and all of then have 8 volt (from 1 to 8). The aux 9 and 10 measured 0 volt. I am completely lost... anyone have any suggestion? Can the ecu to be damaged? Rui PS - here is my diagram with all of diconections I did.
  2. Hi Phil Let me try to explain what I thought to do with the 6 relays: when the key is switch on, the first relay only turn on the ecu and all of the others five (1-ecu; 2-coils; 3-fuel pump; 4-injectors; 5-ebc, isc and purge valve; 5- water/meth injection. The SW1 is a dashboard switch: when it is closed, the aux2 turn on the relay 6 with a switching condition in DI1, turning on the meth injection system and exchanging to the 'race' tables. The system includes a Boost-Safe output (grounded when active) that activates whenever the system is armed and runs out of fluid or an error code is flashing. I used it as digital imput DI2 to build a safe condition (tables, ignition retarding, etc). Thanks for remember knock sensors wiring. That is a mistake mine in diagram. I will correct it. Can you explain the possible causes of the exactly 8 volt (and not 12 volt) in all aux? Still last Saturday, the ecu was working very well (so the car). I disconnected all the devices wired to the aux and disabled all of them in PCLink, but they still having the 8 volt... I appreciate your help if you please. Rui
  3. You said 'aux inputs are receiving a backfeed from perm12v fed aux relays', but now all the aux devices are disconnected and I still have 8 volt in all aux ... Rui
  4. Thanhs for your reply Martin. I do not understand what's wrong with the relay 1... what do you mean with is odd? The first relay command all the others. About the SW1, is to switch between to boost tables and inform the G4 to switch on the relay 6 (aux 2) and switch on the water/meth injection. Rui
  5. Hi I'm finishing my Xtreme installation and everything was ok still last Saturday when I did the tacho and check-engine light connections. When I did the test if it was all ok, I switched off the key the engine did not stop running. So, I found that, since them, all of my auxiliaries have 8 volt. I disconnected all of them and disabled in the PCLink, too, but they still having 8 volt !!! I do not understand what happened. It's possible that the ecu to be damaged? Can anyone help me, please? Regards Rui PS: here is my wiring diagram GTV.diagram.pdf
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