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  1. Is it possible to use a ICS (solenoid)on the Link G1 ecus? If so how would this be wired in?
  2. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of changing my 6 wire ISC stepper to a 3 wire ISC solenoid. My question is that I'm not sure on how to wire this in? I have found a lot of info on how to wire in a 3 wire ISC solenoid, but I checked the 'pin out functions diagram' on the V8 'plug in' ecu and it has only one aux out for the ISC solenoid. How has this been wired in? Where does the other wire go? Any help on this would be fantastic. Thanks Bart
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have managed fix all of these issues. The first two problems where just operator error, and having some poor connection at the temp sensor. I couldn't seem to find where the AN Volt 4 channel was shorting to earth, So I just disabled it and I'm using a wide-band sensor instead. The problem with the Map was that it was faulty, So I just got a new 3 Bar link Map and it works great. Thanks for your Help
  4. I am attempting to setup up a LINK G4 ecu into my V6 WRX and I'm not having much luck. There are a few different issues. The first issue is that I get an error on the 'AN TEMP 2' channel saying that it is at 5v. So I check the input with a multi-meter and it is at 5v, no surprise there. So I disconnected the expansion connector from the board, and measured the pin itself and it was at 5v. So was 'AN TEMP 3'. But I'm not getting an error for the AN TEMP 3 channel. Why would this be occurring? Is there a Short circuit on the board? What are the AN Temp channels meant to be at when nothing is connected to them?? The next problem I'm having is that I also get an error saying that AN Volt 4 is at ground. So I check the wiring to AN V4 and it seems to be fine when it is disconnected for the ecu, But once I plug it into the ECU it will then be at ground. What could be causing this? The last problem I have so far is that when I try to Calibrate the MAP sensor I get a message saying that, 'MAP Sensor Calibration command failed: Current MAP <5kpa or > 5kPa of baro reading' What would be the issue here? Faulty MAP sensor? Your help on any of this issues would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Regards Bart
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