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  1. I'm currently running a Ver 1/2 EJ20G with the corresponding G4 Plug-In ECU and have a refreshed EJ205 that I would like to run with Ver 4 STi heads. I plan on converting to USDM 2002+ coils to get away from the external igniter setup associated with the EJ20G. I will use the EJ20G pulleys (crank, idlers, etc.) on the EJ205 block. Of course I will use the cam pulleys from the Ver 4 STi, but don't know whether my current ECU will support this conversion. In particular, will the cam trigger setting change with the Ver 4 heads/cam gears and can I make that adjustment in the Ver 1/2 G4 to accommodate this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Never mind. You have to by-pass the pressure exchange solenoid.
  3. Thanks Simon, I've double checked my analog inputs to make sure I didn't have the Map Sensor selected twice. I've disabled the stock map sensor under AN Volt 1 channel and I'm using the AN Volt 5 position (on the Link analog loom) for the Link 2.5 bar sensor. I'm using the 5V power wire on the analog loom for the Link 2.5 bar sensor as well as the ground and signal wires. One thing I did was run the vacuum hose from the Ver1-6 Pressure Exchange Solenoid to the Link 2.5 bar sensor (this was the same plumbing as the Ver1-6 stock Map sensor). Should I bypass the Pressure Exchange Solenoid and run my vacuum line directly from the Link 2.5 bar sensor to the intake manifold? Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry for not responding. I changed the injectors back to stock and stock heat range plugs and noticed I had the fuel lines reversed. The car started and ran well. I've since changed back to 1-step colder plugs, 650cc injectors, Link boost controller and Link 2.5 Bar Map sensor. Currently I'm getting a Map sensor calibration error with the Link 2.5 Bar sensor. I re-installed the Ver1-6 stock Map sensor, but I'm still getting a calibration error. I am using the G4 Plug-in analog input wire loom and my wiring looks correct. After re-installing the Map sensor, I made sure that the analog inputs were correct. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm getting fuel. Fuel pressure is 50 psi during cranking and I pulled the return line and fuel is returning to the tank. I calibrated the TPS before cranking the car. There is a slight fuel smell in the exhaust tail pipe after cranking. I tried lowering the master fuel to 8ms, but no luck. Dumb question, but if the injector dead times are off by 0.5ms at 11-12v, would that prevent the car from starting or would it crank and just have a rough idle? I'm double checking my injector latency values to make sure they are correct, but I may be off by 0.5ms in the 11-12v range.
  6. Ver 1/2 Subaru Plug-in running Deatschwerks 650cc sidefeed injectors. Injector deadtimes have been modified in the base map but the car will not start. It cranks and fuel pressure is good and coils are firing. I'm showing a Trigger 1 error count of 1 and a red flag on the ANVolt 4 Status '0volts/gnd' when cranking. There are no secondary Analog inputs. Any input would be appreciated.
  7. I received my G4 today and read the installation manual to determine the correct wiring for my Link Map sensor, IAT and WB. The manual provides in the wiring details for the Expansion connector. It goes on to state that only use the 'supplied' expansion loom. Was this loom supposed to be included with the ECU or is that something I have to purchase separately? I have checked US distributors websites for this loom but have found nothing.
  8. I'm running the G3 Plus on my '04 Subaru STi and will soon be running the G4 Plug-in for my '98L Ver 2 EJ20G. I started installing the G4 PCLink Software and it looks like it wants to overwrite previous drivers. I set up files separate from my G3 Plus files, but it looks like it still wants to overwrite these. If I select 'overwrite previous drivers', will my G3 PCLink software still work?
  9. Thanks for dumbing it down for me - LOL. Your first sentence is correct and we have the pump and ignition off the same power. We are going to split put the fuel pump and ignition on two different circuits/fuses. Thanks again for the input. I'll post up what was done and how it turns out.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'll have to get the pcl file from the tuner. As for the coil packs (coil-on-plugs), I'm unclear how this would affect the fuel pump. Are you saying that if the coils are firing say 2.5ms, the difference is enough that the fuel pump is having to work to hard (i.e. drawing too much current) and therefore causing it to fail prematurely?
  11. I have a 2004 USDM STI newly built 2.5L with non-avcs cams and DBC TB using Link G3 EM. The new motor has approximately 250 miles but shortly after getting the car back from the engine builder, I began blowing 15A Ignition/Fuel Pump fuses and the AFRs showed lean. The fuel pump was replaced (Walbro 255lph). The car is now doing the same thing (except for going lean - but I think its just a matter of time). As I understand it, the builder/tuner by-passed the OEM fuel pump controller and is using the EM system to control the fuel pump. At the recommendation of the builder/tuner, I stepped up to a 20A fuse, but those are not holding. Fuses typically blow during highway cruising. Sorry for the lengthy post, just looking for some ideas how to identify the possible causes.
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