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  1. would be great to habe a MAster/slave function in order 2 use 2 link ECUs for a more than 4cyl engine. both Ecus can communicate by CAN like we do with motec
  2. I have the same probleme on a G4X NGTR. laptop freeze every 30sec. need to disconnect the usb and reconnect to recover.
  3. Hello I'm using an ECUMASTER CAN EGT, a link CAN lambda and i need to connect an Android Dash. Can someone help me on the settings (CAN Stream)? thanks
  4. Strange, i run R8 coils on many projects, from Atom to thunder, I never experienced any issue. for me they work fine
  5. I was trying to set the offset with the timing light. to have the correct timing, i have to set the offset close to 0°. this seems weird to me
  6. any update about this topic? i have an issue about the timing. can't set it with the timing light.to have a Matching number i should run an offset close to 0. how can the ECU can make the advance?
  7. Bebelracing

    VAG TFSi

    Hi guys! does anybody ran a force GDI ecu on a TFSI engine? The purpose to run standalone ecu is also the ability to run both direct an port injection. unfortunately it doesnt seem to be possible with the force GDI. might run an Atom on top of the GDI ...
  8. Hi Guys! does anyone has fitted a link Ecu on a supra with auto gearbox? (wire in or plug in, doesn't matter wich one) thanks all!
  9. would it be possible soon to overlay 2 log file? then we can compare stuffs like accéleration, dyno pull, lap etc.…..
  10. theses coils doesn't need any ignitor. there are built in.
  11. hello intersting. ho did you plugged the Vcam on the pnp? I'm doing ot as well actually
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