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  1. ben

    connection problem

    thanks with the information i will try it later today and let you know! if you send me your E-mail I will send you some photosof the project, if you like. in New zealand is very popular this type of engine?? i talked a lot with Smith and Jones about the engine. i am aming to make 1000hp till this problem came out, till 5500rpm the engine made 550whp and 570lbs tourqe if i solve this problem i think i will get the 4 number i am very new with the mapping, I just finish my course of tuning on internet class  thanks agian ben
  2. ben

    connection problem

    Thanks Simon the Engine is ford YB Cosworth 2.0ltr (everything modified) removed distributor,new trigger wheel 36- 1, coil on plug AEM brand new, CDI Autronic Crank trigger- Reluctor - level 3 -Â 36-1. Cam trigger- Reluctor - level 3 - Cam Pulsel1x i can try to change the coils (i got spare) Â i got other problem on data loging when i press the botton start record alot of windows start came out one after one very fast! thanks alot agian Â
  3. ben

    connection problem

    Dear SImon thanks for your reply what are the noise issues?? i am running a CDI with pencil type coils (Coil on plug) there is NO Leads for plugs wiring is done perfect, trigger wires are spert from harness! i can only have USB port on my laptop and yesit will get worse the more engine load there is a shieded cable from usb to can bus?? Â
  4. ben

    connection problem

    Hi any one can help me solv this problem i got a G4 extreme with a 4 cylinder turbo engine with coil on plugs AEM and with autronic CDI 500R (if you want more detials i can give) yesterday i was on the dyno and when i start to connect the lap top to the ECU always tell me that the port com is not connected/ after checking alot of things i change the spark plugs (they was not with resitance) and solv the problem, start mapimg and everything worked perfectlly untill 5500rpm when i entre in the regin of 220, 240 kpa cell is like i got map limit and no alarm activation entre! and agian in that time the ecu lost connection with the lap top and the lap top will shut down automaticlly and restart agian, change connection cable, but still with the same problem please anyone can help if i am doing something wrong?? or what i have to check?? thanks beforehand ben
  5. hello dobson thanks agian I am on 20 hz i will E-mail you with some issues they told me to use Co2 to control the wastegates not from intake so the boost will be constint from low rpm, what you think?? thanks agian i will e-mail you
  6. Hello dobsons thanks for your time!! i am very new with the link G4 so thanks for any help!! Base duty cycle = wastegate % DC 1 Active?? the engine is Ford cosworth yb 4 cylinder turbo 75mm borg warner, big Mac soloniod 2 x 46mm tial waste gates for drag racing I want to achive the 50psi of boost but on the dyno to map i have to start with 5 psi and go up step by step
  7. hi Simon thanks for your help! what numbers i have to start to get low boost as posible??
  8. i need some information: i install a boost soloniod to control boost on my extrame G4, i need to know what numbers i have to entre in table to control it let's say i want to run on 10psi boost what number i have to entre in the table?? there is any convertion table for active boost??
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