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  1. I have just scored a link plus ecu in a box of stuff it has 2jz//7m on the sticker. apparently it has been running on a 4agte with a waste spark setup is this possible? It has 2 sub boards in it one for 6 terminal isc which will not be used. Also trigger board? sub24new 120405. will this run with the smallport dizzy 24 teeth on one pickup and one tooth on the other. anyway the story was it ran well but the loom was dodgy as i stripped the loom and they were right dodgy asf crimp joins every where so i am planning to rebuild the loom and fit to my 4age on quads and eventually turbo. Should this do the job
  2. just a question what brand / type cable do you use for the link looms as I do alot of racecar performance car rewires. this cable is a good size for control wires in relay boxes and small current draw items and the colour range is great want to buy it by the rollÂ
  3. rs components stock them http://newzealand.rs-online.com/web/p/pcb-connector-housings/6797123/
  4. hi are you able to clear fault codes without plugging in the pc for the instance of when you service the car and unplug something forget about it and turn on the key , fault light stays on until you plug in the pc to clear the codes
  5. also can u give me a fault code list so I can label and laminate to keep in the car  incase of breakdown many thanks. Matt
  6. I have just finished the install of a silver extreme on a 2jz-gte and the tps on pc link seems very eratic. I set tps and it seems to fluctuate between 0% and 7% with the throttle closed I have tried adjusting it and re setting it but it still fluctuates also when u open the throttle slowley it dosnt seem to be smooth on the graph engine runs fine but trying to get all the little things sorted before the dyno. maybe worn tps?
  7. hi ive just wired a link extreme to a boss 260 engine in a mustang having problems getting it to run right have counted trigger wheel 36 tooth one tooth missing the engine will run we got timing set but it backfires out the exhaust. had a local guy who installs and tunes alot of links take a look and he seems to think that the crank sensor is not reading the missing tooth properly and is therefore backfiring. any ideas on the cause or remedy to this fault
  8. hi trying to find info i think i have a v1 link is in a 4age20v off roader ecu has had water in had been dried out i fitted it it fired and ran rough then stalled and fried a track in the circut board on ign1 circut hav inspected the wireing and seems to be ok has had no modifications since last running 12 months ago can you change the removable chip into a new ecm as this has been well dynoed by previous owner and want to avoid going through that again.
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