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  1. Im using an inductive sensor with a Link toothed wheel to get my crank angle signal. It is on a Porsche aircooled engine which are electricaly very 'noisey' and causing terrible miss timed firing issues. I have put suppression onto all coil over sparks, and done all I can to stop the noise to no avail. I am now looking at changing the sensor to optical one to look across the toothed wheel. What sensor to use?
  2. I am putting a G4 based system together to go on an old skool Type 4 VW engine with coil over plug set up (this is pretty radical in the aircooled VW world and have nobody to turn to on this). I have purchased the 200mm 58/60 tooth wheel to attach to my crank (by machining it to resemble a toothed ring and attaching to the fan which bolts to the end of the crank). What pick up sensor type would be recommended? It revs to about 5500rpm with 60 teeth = 5500 pulses/sec. Bugshack
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