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  1. Tried to sort out the CAN stuff but it seems what I thought was data wasn't. When the all the setting were correct the CAN sniffer didnt receive any data just displayed CAN BUS Shield init fail then Init CAN BUS Shield again in a loop. The ECU on the runtime values showed errors to Any ideas
  2. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Is there any confirmed release date yet for the G4X xtreme. It was mentioned March and we're now over 1/3 way through.
  3. Finally got time to get the CAN sniffer wired to the ECU. Item was receiving a shed load of data but not in the form i was expecting. I did look at the CAN Information on the help folder. Which still didnt clear thing up much. What is the format for the Link CAN data transmission. Hows it all broken up or is it just one data stream. I saw that some of the CAN data which is sent you have to take 50 off the value to get the real figure, ie temp. However, looking at the CAN data there wasn't any number or Binary code (8 bit 00011011 for 27 decimal) that could have been viable.
  4. The ECU was checked and was as good as the day it was made, testiment to Links build quality . I now have an earth directly back to the battery. Hopefully the issue has been found, the two main power wires into the ecu had no volts going to them. Both wires had gone open circuit. Somehow the ecu still ran without any power, one reason i never checked them.
  5. Thanks, but the ECU is now out of the car and ready to be collected
  6. Comparison of recent logs to old ones the only differance was the voltage the ecu saw. When the car was running Ok the ecu showed 13.3v but now on tick over it was showing 11 volts but when the car was 1500rpm it could be as much as 16v. When in reality it was 13.3v. So the ecu was using the injector dead adjustment and altering the injection period. SO at low revs it was getting way to much fuel but less over 1500rpm. As a result the fuel cell at 1000 and 1500 rpm were 4 and 40. which ment the car ran poorly and staled. With the injector dead adjustments all set to the same value the engine runs smoothly with a decent tick over and a good AFR reading. All the earths seem fine, i can't seem to find out why the ecu is seeing/registering the wrong voltages. Its not just battery voltage all the sensors voltages are incorrect. The wideband on the log showed a range from 8 to 20, when my wideband only has a range of 8.5 to 18. theres some anomalies with the PWM as well. Any ideas is it worth sending it for a check up
  7. North Devon....It use to be BHP but i think thats chaged. Log 27-01-20 6;00;35 pm.llg This the bad running
  8. Ill up load the logs. Had it running the other day still all over the place, when i looked over the logs i couldn't see anything that might cause the issue. the only time ive had issues was when the TSP wires cane loose and the other when the old MAP sensor gave a spike (200kpa) causing it to over fuel and kill the engine. Admittedly it took ages to find out why the engine just randomly cut out but on the logs, just for a millisecond, you saw the massive reading. The only thing that changes around the same rev range is the cam sensors, going from not enough signal (below 900 RPM) to Ok (at 1100 RPM) where in the UK do we send the ECU's for a checkup/repair.
  9. ebay have them or RS Components UK Just make sure there DC and the correct Amps Controlling the pump is fairly easy just by using two timers and 2 Virtual outputs and a PMW table
  10. Yes got it sorted, i used the Crydom SSR. I have a few of them controlling the FIP's and power steering.
  11. Is this for the G4 or G4+
  12. Hi, Im in the process of using a can sniffer to use with my G4 xtreme in order to control some outputs and possibly display some data. Is there a list of the can data ID's for the ecu's for the individual outputs. Thanks Steve
  13. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    will the new ecu be able to store its trim map so you dont have to plug your laptop in everytime before you turn the ecu off. The Power commander i have on my bike continuously updates a fuel trim map then when your ready plug in your lap top to except fuel trims.
  14. Will this new ecu have the ability to store fuel trims and continually tune without the need to save the data before you switch the ECU off. The ecu on my bike does this and will have the fuel trims ready when every you plug in your lap top. The data isnt lost each time you turn off which is very handy as you don't always have the laptop at hand to do the updates.
  15. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Is there much of a price increase or are the old G4+ going to be reduced in price.
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