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  1. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Is there much of a price increase or are the old G4+ going to be reduced in price.
  2. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Not long then. What extra stuff will it have or will it have the same amount of inputs and outputs.
  3. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    When will the G4x xtreme be available. My old G4 (xtreme) has a few issues and it not worth getting the G4+ (xtreme) if it going to be soon replaced.
  4. About the same on but it will be at 3 bar from about 80 mpa and over. What issues/errors or wrong ground/voltage will cause the ECU to either max fuel or over fuel. I know a while ago it did the same and the cause was the TPS plug come loose.
  5. fuel runs at 3 bar, the fuel regulator will lower it slightly at tick over but non fuel system was touched. The pipe on the MAP sensor is fine and the ecu read the change in pressurise even if you suck/blow on the pipe. ill see if i have a new lambda sensor might even look into getting a new controller. The throttle is calibrated.
  6. Ill check tomorrow but couldn't see anything loose. The fuel cells 30kpa @1000 rpm 5 , @1500 rpm 34. A massive difference.
  7. Steve Bull

    Running Rich

    I have a 1uz VVTI turbo running the old link g4 xtreme ecu. The car was running fine this time last year and I slowly stated to sort out the fuelling as the weeks went on. Then for the first 6 month this year as i couldn't drive started to sorting other issues with the car out. Now the with new plugs and fuel the thing runs rich on tickover. Infact the whole map is wrong. You can get the tick over smooth and AFR is right but the numbers in the fuel cell of the map are a lot lower. Then when the car at a higher rpm slowing down it will die as theres such a big difference between the numbers in each of the map cells. eg tick over 10 and 1500 rpm 35. but hit 1200 rpm at it stops. Ive not touched anything fuel or ignition side and the map hasn't been changed any ideas what could cause this.
  8. Thanks for that but i can't seem to open the file was it for the G4, not the G4+.
  9. Has anyone managed to mimic a Davies Craig EWP controller without using loads of aux outputs. Is it best to keep a thermostat. I have removed the one from my 1uz engine but do have a spare inline one.
  10. That seems similar to what i get but the FP regulator is set to 3 Bar. Is there any way to prime the pumps with the use of the timers.
  11. the only reason for dropping the FP that low on tick over is that the fuel pressure regulator, through manifold depression, does the same. The pumps can flow 660 lt of fuel per hour which is far too much unless at max boost and revs. The fuel was getting quite warm and pumps drawing too much current when they didn't need to .
  12. Got another question, im using Aux 4 as a PWM to control my fuel pumps. I have a Solid State Relay SSR, to do the high current switching and its set at 1800 hz. This allows control of the pumps to lower the pressure at low demand. At present tick over @35% PWM, gives 30 psi of fuel and maintains a steady 4.5 V Its yet to be set up fully but what would you recommend to to use as the "Y" axis on the PW table. At the moment its TPs % but i thought it might better to either MAP or % of the fuel table while keeping the "X" axis as RPM. I also need to control the Electric PAS pump, I do intend to use another SSR but could the ECU be used on the low side to control it again PWM.
  13. Steve Bull

    Idle control

    Im trying to set up the ECU for idle control with a 2 wire solenoid but cant seen to get it to maintain a stable tick over. Any ideas.
  14. Steve Bull

    fuel nalues

    Just trying to set the fueling on the ecu. The master fuel I know affect the whole map.and the value in the fuel table cells is a percentage. If the Master fuel is set at say 7ms and the fuel cell in the table is 50, does that mean that at that setting the injector will fire for 50% of the 7ms 0.0035 seconds. Knowing the basics of how the fueling figures work and correspond to each other and real life numbers will greatly help me map the car . This would also allow me to change the Master setting and have an accurate guess what effect this will have on the fuel table,. plus knowing the AFR will allow me to predict the correct number for all the cells before it goes on the dyno. Thanks Steve
  15. thanks for that is has made a difference. If the master fuel setting is is changed by one what is the equivalent in the main fuel or what proportional effect.
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