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  1. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    I saw it but couldn' t get it to change in the main Ign table . Then i read the instructions in the help file and found you have to press enter before pressing "Done".........Muppet
  2. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Thanks , think I'll find what is the lowest voltage it works on and use some resisters to low the voltage, as I dont think i have any free AUX outputs. If i do end up with on not in use ill use the PWM on the ECU. I cant see where the set the ignition delay to 115 us. I thought i had but it was just to set the base ignition timing. Thanks
  3. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    That will be a help as I'm slowly going through the PC link G4 map and placing it on to G4X. The new system is more complicated but alot more flexible. I'm going to try the new E-Throttle setting but mines a Toyota 1uz vvti throttle body with the clutch. As far as i know (which is possibly wrong) the clutch requires constant power, not PWM. IF i use a E-Throttle relay (to B loom 14v Aux 9/10) and the ecu controls this relay with an AUX out, can i take power off of this after the Relay to power the Throttle clutch rather than use another AUX out.
  4. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Just got another laptop so i can run the software but thats all as the car is 20 mile way. I cant seem to find the xtreme 1uz vvti base map. Or isn't there one and its a case of doing it all from new.
  5. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    ECU has arrived but I'm still waiting for the laptop so i cant do anything. While I wait Is there any tutorials or advise for the new software.
  6. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Well, ordered the new Xtreme and new (to me) laptop. Just waiting now. Is there any tutorials or advise for the new software.
  7. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    My laptop is an old Dell inspiration but running Windows XP. The first G4+ PC Link software runs but later updates don't, its the same story for the new G4X PC Link software. The error is "PCLink.exe - Entry Point Not Found" "The procedure entry point Register Power SettingNotification could not be located in the dynamic link libary USER 32.DLL," I think it may be just as its running XP and not Windows 10 as its got enough processor speed and memory. Looks like i will have to get a newer laptop or attempt a Windows XP to Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 10 and hopefully not loose all my data.
  8. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Its here and available in the UK. Just waiting for my supplier to get stock. One question on the computer side of things my laptop will not run the software. Whats the minimum spec for a laptop/operating system to run the software and new ECU.
  9. Thanks ill look for a different way to do it. Saying that though instructions for the VSS were all in Chinese. A Google and the black wire isn't the earth but the load. While the blue, normally the signal, is the earth so it may work once rewired.
  10. Steve Bull

    Speed sensor

    Trying to get my xtreme to register vehicle speed. The gearbox sensor is a two wire that produces an AC current which i dont think the ecu can read. Well it doesn't seem to regardless of pullup or rising/falling. Next tried a hall effect 3 wire which switches the 12v supply to 0.5v signal. Again this doesn't seem to work, or the ecu is recognising it. Does the voltage have to be a lot higher for the ECU to see it. What the best solution Thanks
  11. Tried to sort out the CAN stuff but it seems what I thought was data wasn't. When the all the setting were correct the CAN sniffer didnt receive any data just displayed CAN BUS Shield init fail then Init CAN BUS Shield again in a loop. The ECU on the runtime values showed errors to Any ideas
  12. Steve Bull

    G4x xtreme

    Is there any confirmed release date yet for the G4X xtreme. It was mentioned March and we're now over 1/3 way through.
  13. Finally got time to get the CAN sniffer wired to the ECU. Item was receiving a shed load of data but not in the form i was expecting. I did look at the CAN Information on the help folder. Which still didnt clear thing up much. What is the format for the Link CAN data transmission. Hows it all broken up or is it just one data stream. I saw that some of the CAN data which is sent you have to take 50 off the value to get the real figure, ie temp. However, looking at the CAN data there wasn't any number or Binary code (8 bit 00011011 for 27 decimal) that could have been viable.
  14. The ECU was checked and was as good as the day it was made, testiment to Links build quality . I now have an earth directly back to the battery. Hopefully the issue has been found, the two main power wires into the ecu had no volts going to them. Both wires had gone open circuit. Somehow the ecu still ran without any power, one reason i never checked them.
  15. Thanks, but the ECU is now out of the car and ready to be collected
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