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  1. Josh T

    Surface pro

    Ill give it a crack thanks. I might even try it on one of our older surface pros too.
  2. Josh T

    Surface pro

    Is anyone successfully using pc link + on a 64bit Microsoft surface pro on windows 10? iv tried running it in compatibility mode with windows 7 with the same problems. its super buggy, some times really slow and the graphics are buggy in the menus too. Works fine on motec m1, haltech esp, hp tuners and about 5 other platforms I tune.
  3. Its magnetic and ill scope it on the lathe first. Cheers
  4. Ahh i totally forgot tooth count had to divide into 360. Its a 4g63, i machined the teeth off the unused balance shaft sproket and will mill slots into it. Im assuming even 8 teeth have to be alot better than the factory two long teeth? Or does the g4+ use both rising and falling edges off each tooth like some other ecus? Does equal tooth to gap spacing work the best on hallefect? Or smaller teeth with larger gaps? Cheers
  5. What is the advantage of 12-1 vs 12 even? Im modifying a std sproket which will only allow an 8 or 16 tooth count.
  6. Im going to be making up a cam trigger and crank trigger wheel and was after some input. Would an 8 tooth trigger wheel be sufficient or would a 16T be that much better? Its a 4g63 spinning to 10k max. It will be running a hallefect e7-9 cam sensor on the crank and another with one tooth off the cam. I was planing on doing equal teeth spacing to tooth width on the crank but how big/many degrees should i run cam tooth for? Cheers
  7. The car started life as a plugin v44 then repined to suit wire in v88 and it ran perfect on both. My point is something must be very wrong to have 30degrees out straight up. Ill put a scope on it and check both triggers and report back.
  8. Iv got an evo 9 with a wire in v88 that was running perfect till it had a motor rebuild. The only thing that changed was injectors. I get a trigger 1 error counter that goes up while cranking. The trigger 1 and 2 signal comes up as ok while cranking. I confirmed the crank trigger plate isnt on backwards. With a timing light on it comes up about 25-30degrees atdc when on 0 degrees lock, nothing should of changed and the trigger offset should be the same as before. Any ideas?
  9. Josh T

    Low impedance injectors

    Thanks. Iv got a car in at the moment running evo low inpedance injectors with no visible resistor pack, I might have to investigate abit harder. Although i thought they burnt out the drivers in not long at all, this cars been going for 6 months.
  10. Can the blue case g4+ storm control low inpedance injectors without a resistor pack? Couldn't find anything online. Cheers
  11. Iv had a wrong trigger (cam) wheel on an evo 8 before, would run fine on a factory ecu and a plugin vipec but as soon as the haltech plugin went in it would never run. Did my head in for a while. The sti cam and crank sensors are the same as any other ej series motor. Its not unheard of for people to swap the polarity of crank sensor on a non running car to "setup" the next person who works on it. You still get a trigger pattern on the scope but its the oposite, some ecus you car just change from rising edge to falling others you need to pin swap.
  12. Josh T

    gps speed input

    Yes pulse per a kilometer. I have basically rulled the link out as the problem, i scoped the output with and without it plugged into di1and found it erratic bothways. It did have a non square wave spike intermittently when reving it which id say was interference but it was also getting a square wave output intermittently while sitting still. I also powered it up in another car which didn't get the spike but did get it outputting intermittently too. Id say you're right about it not realising its stationary. Ill give hummingbird a call and sed what they have to say. Cheers for the help.
  13. Josh T

    gps speed input

    Iv got a problem running a Hmgs1a10cp hummingbird gps speed input. It can be setup as 2000ppk, 4000ppk, 8000ppk or 50000ppk. Iv tried 2000ppk and 8000ppk with the correct calibration and it will jump around with koeo from 0-3kph. With engine on and reving it stopped on the flat it spikes to 50 or 60kms. I tried wiring it straight to the rear mounted battery to rule out interference from under the dash and its in di1 as gp speed with pullup on and a rising edge with a calibration of 800 at the moment. Its a g4+ storm. Iv run similar gps speed inputs before on g4+s and they were fine, this is the first with internal antenna though. But i have put in different spots with no change.
  14. how is everyone wiring up their AFX widebands on an extreme? Iv had troubles in the past with it being slightly offset. The manual says to wire the two ground wires and the sensor ground wire to the battery ground. Why would they not wire the sensor reference ground to the ecu sensor ground input? On an unrelated question im wiring up an extreme into an evo 9 using the factory harness, the factory harness only has 2 ecu/power earths. Do I need to wire up all 4 in both the A plug and B plug or are the all tied up internally so I can just put both in the A plug and leave the B plug without earths or should I splice into the two and make them 4? cheersÂ
  15. Is there anyway to run rev match down shift when running dbw?
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