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  1. Hi t.nollett, The pinout is: 1. MAP Signal (ANVolt) 2. Signal GND 3. 5V Supply -Cameron
  2. Hi Javier, Some people use an ABS hub with wheel and sensor if you can find one that fits. Otherwise a sensor pointing at the universal joint give you a 4 tooth signal. - Cameron
  3. Hi Rory, As a 6 Cylinder, the 1GGTE will need the G4 Xtreme to run sequential injection and direct spark (as the Storm only has enough outputs for 4 cylinders or group fuel/wasted spark on a 6) As far as triggers go you need a multitooth signal at Cam or Crank speed and a Cam Sync (Single tooth or tooth missing arrangement) to run Seq Fuel and Direct Spark. Your CAS should be 24 teeth at Cam speed (Trigger 1) and another Single tooth for a Sync (Trigger 2). With this the Xtreme can run Seq fuel and direct spark on your engine. - Cameron
  4. Hi Dan, I know I would like this function myself. We do have a few options around this. 1. Entering a number in a table isn't there until you press enter, so if you've typed the wring number, just press escape to cancel. 2. Store often, then if you make a mistake you can goto Options - Undo short term changes 3. If you use the Q button to increase a cell, the A button will decrease it the same amount. That said I will add it to the list. - Cameron
  5. Hi Ian, Has this ECU run the engine fine before? I assume the ignition works fine on the OEM? It sounds like the ignition output is working as you are getting spark (they usually work or don't). What load are you using MAP or TPS? What engine is it? If the ignition timing is not setup or tuned correctly it would struggle to run. Whereabouts do you live, we could recommend a dealer nearby to tune it? - Cameron
  6. Hi Lance, Yes this is correct, you can change the trigger board inside the ECU to suit other applications, but as this is such an old computer we no longer have any of those boards here. Your best option would be to sell the unit to someone that wants to use it in the Nissan configuration and upgrade to a G4 Atom or Storm. The latest generation can run most trigger systems and is selectable in software if you ever wanted to change engines again in the future. - Cameron
  7. Hi Tim, First I will assume you're talking about a KnockBlock instead of a KnockLink. Aux 1 is also connected to pin 106, so check that for a wire too. If you want to use a pin that has no wire in it, you can either move a terminal from another unused position, get a spare wire with terminal from a wreckers or contact you local dealer to buy a terminal. They are very similar to the large and small terminals used on G3 computers. Aux 5 is not available on the R32 PlugIn - Cameron
  8. Hi Ken, What type of MAP sensor have you selected in the software? It may not be the same calibration. You can use a custom calibration on Cal1 etc if required. - Cameron
  9. Hi MarcelB, Yes as a parameter it definitely can be used, that's why we've put it in there. You can span it on any axis, eg if you change Injector Deadtimes to a 3D table, you can use it on the Y axis and voltage on the X. Or you could use it on a 4D fuel table, MAP or RPM limits.
  10. Hi Jake, All base maps are included with the PCLink software. The map that would have been loaded in you NGT4 would be named "Nissan Plugin G4 RB20DET 440cc". -Cameron
  11. Excellent. Glad we could help you diagnose it. Small intermittent faults like that can be a real pain to find.
  12. If you talk to John, he might have already tuned a GTX and have something that would get you started.
  13. Hi Brad, Set Sync mode to 'None' on trigger 2 settings. That should fix it for you. I would also suggest you will need the pullup on for trigger one. -Cameron
  14. Hi Brad, With 12V across red and black, you should get a positive reading on the white wire (between white and black) when a ferrous object approaches. If not you need the pullup on, then it should be positive normally and go negative when the object goes close. When you turn the pullup on, it's detecting a change and assuming it's one tooth going past, so it turns the pump n and registers it as a trigger. -Cameron
  15. Hi Brad, 'with 12v applied across red and black i get a positive reading' This suggest that a pullup is not required. So 'off' is the correct setting there. If it does not say yes, then I would recommend using a scope to confirm the signal does arrive at the ECU end. -Cameron
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