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  1. Hi, my car is a twincharger. air root is filter>turbo>W2A intercooler 1>throttle body>supercharger>W2A intercooler 2> engine. My problem is that when I have TPS wide open with low rpm and then close TPS and push clutch at same time, engine continues upreving for some miliseconds. I'm using fuel cut. It seems that it takes some milliseconds till full vacuum so map sensor reads some air in the piping because TB is a bit away from the inlet. Is there any solution? Thanks
  2. Hi, could you please inform me what are the calibration prices for table 4,5,6 for aem 5 bar sensor? is it input value A=0.5 v for output value A=0 kpa and input value B=4.5v for output value B=416kpa? Does the link 5bar predifened map sensor has the same values outputs so I can select this from map sensor's drop menu? Thanks
  3. To Scott Hi I have also used G1 and change the cables direction on the ecu connector. Is there any problem with this?shall i change and put a 360 offset?or use G2?
  4. Hi, I'm running i88 on a 4agze twincharger project. How shall I wire the 1 wire stock oem knock sensor? Thanks
  5. It will solve the problem partially!!!!Actually the combination of using the virtual aux conditioning can give up to double conditioning capabilities. Its nice to play with conditions LOGIC especially for complex projects, this is also make a good STANDALONE ECU different from others, this is also a good reason for people to buy a good ecu vs a cheap, you know better than me that conditons makes the aux outputs double effective for the tuner. The more they are the best for the tuner. Thanks
  6. So it seems that I will have same thoughts if i go on with Thunder, as for the conditioning streams. In the past while I was playing with g4+storm I have spoken with several people here, they all would like this update and they maybe post here. This was actually the reason I have upgraded to i88, thinking it has more 3 conditioning outputs. I shall wait for release of new firmware update. Thanks again.
  7. Hi and thanks for your replies, Does the thunder has more outputs available with 3 conditions? Thanks.
  8. Simon: I actually need the conditioning to control engine sensors and solenoids, the autmatic gearbox swap is not my priority, it a quite complex twincharger project (turbo and supercharger compressor combination) so I need condition. It could be very easy to add the extra conditioning strings in the firmware Scott: For sure I could do this but I also need conditioning for other solenoids that I havent already connected, so I planned to move what you reffered to use thes ouputs for other usage. It would be nice if you could add the strings to the firmware if the harware could support this. It would be also nice if you could update the firmware to use also virtual aux 2 and 3 in the conditioning, I tried to use virtual 2-3 but they dont seem to be available in the list. I also want to control the electric power steering....so many I/o ports are needing... Do you think that I have to upgrade to Thunder? Does thunder has more outputs with full conditioning abilities. Actually I have started with g4+ storm, the upgrade to i88 and keep the g4+ storm unused for another project because of the i/o ports were very few, so I wouldn't like to upgrade again to another ecu and spend such an ammount of money. It would be nice if you could add the strings...It would solve my hand.Fingers crossed. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I have programmed, but in anyway I havent imagine this wiring. is it important to use pullup resistor? I'm a bit restricted as for the auxilliaries. I have some ign and some fuel free... But they have only two conditions available. What the solution here? Any firmware update could give me a solution. MR2 AW11 02-09-2016 overall.pclr
  10. I'm running i88 and I'm on the way to convert to auto gearbox. The auto gearbox ecu receive 4 signal named idl, L1, L2, L3. The idl comes directly from tps sensor when there is no tps open angle to the gearbox ecu 0-12v, the other three signals are converting by engines ecu to 8 delta% tps openings. the the L1, L2, L3 are 0-5v signals outputs from oem engines ecu that are driving into gearboxes ecu for gear changing. I have attached the pdf of the gearbox logic and sensors to take an idea how it works. Go to page 4 to read accuratly my description. The question is: how can I drive these signals? a241e gearbox l1 l2 l3 signals.pdf
  11. Another simplethings that works 100% is to use the oem's coil primary terminals. The connection is simple. + coil terminal connected to an IG+, - coil terminal connected to tachometer cable (as it was when OEM ecu was used) and tacho output from ecu connected to the coils edge - with a 0.33 kohm resistor. Same like the image that AdamW posted but in case of the relay coil we use the oem's coil primary terminals. Work 100% and also triggers the A/C OEM computer.
  12. Another question is: The oem ac computer receives the same signal as tacho in order to see that engine runs and activate the compressor clutch. With this modification the ac ecu does not activate the clutch. Is there any possibily the current isnt enough strong to trigger the ac computer? fingers crossed...
  13. No there no resistor in the relay. I simply done the schem above but with 0.33 kohm resistor. Is it safe for the ecu?Shall I use a diode at the ecu output signal?
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