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  1. I accidentally stumbled on that. After I uploaded the new fuel map, I reconnected the AIM / ECU cable. Why does it find the ECU only after I disconnect that dash cable? Demetri
  2. my email is onrails43@gmail.com or 631-445-3349. Thanks again.
  3. I have the G4 Extreme. I was connecting to the ECU last week with no problems. Today I am changing fuel maps for race fuel and it keeps searching for ECU but never finds it. I changed the setting to auto on the comm ports too. I am in desperate need of help to figure this out before I depart tomorrow for a 6 our trailer haul to Watkins Glen International Race Track. Simon, you helped me 2 weeks ago with my AIM / Link Cable and were successful. Thanks in advance, Demetri
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