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  1. I*ve done the same with an Auber Oil Pressure Gauge. Only thing I had to do ist to connect AnVolt and also Sensor Ground to the Link +5V comes from the Gauge  Works perfect  Regards
  2. You should say that the factory IAT is the same as the ECT sensor. It reacts very very slow! The results you get are mostly the temperature of the manifold, not the air temp inside! You should use a real IAT sensor instead.
  3. Got a Wetab mounted on my Dash. Works fine for logging and showing everything important (have no other gauges - all sensors connected to the link)
  4. Got the same one. Try 'Active Edge' 'Falling' and it should be right
  5. You´re right Brian, firmware features are nice. But not if PCLink runs on an OS (Win) that is a total piece of sh*t (sorry for that) that makes only problems. Even with a dedicated win7 / PClink Netbook I got problems... and yes, I´m an informatics, I know what I´m talking about, thats why I still want a _native_ version for OSX or Linux or Unix.
  6. I have a g4 Plugin in my Skyline and Running Out of anvolt channels. I've seen that there is an unused on the expansion connector. Could you please enable it?Â
  7. When i measure from ground to 3 or 10 with a Multimeter i get only stable 0,03 to 0,04 Volt. But thatDoesnt change when the Sensor gets hot. Mit makes no difference if the resistor is in or not when I measure from ground to a Pin. The only Way to get reasonable values is when I put the resistor from 3 to 10 and measure with a Multimeter from 3 to 10. or any other ideas?Â
  8. Hey there, i have this egt: http://www.auberins.com/AUBER1812XA-instruction1-3.pdf?zenid=df8578fe4c0002b3eceb3285624f6e3d And want to wire it to an anvolt channel. When i make the Bridge from Pin 3 to 10 with a 250ohm resistor and connect either 3 or 10 to the ECU i getnothing reliable. When i go from Pin 3 to 250ohm to ECU and from ground (internal extension connector) to Pin 10 i only got 18 Volts. The egt seems to work. When i Bridge 3 to 10 wirh 250ohm and measure with a Multimeter from 3 to 10 i get reasonable values... So, how to wire this Thing Up? http://www.auberins.com/AUBER1812XA-instruction1-3.pdf?zenid=df8578fe4c0002b3eceb3285624f6e3d'>
  9. I have a depo Racing oil pressure Sensor with 3 pins. Gnd +5v and Signal. With the normal gauge it Works Fine. 0,5v @ 0 Bar and for each Bar 0,413 volt more. I want to wire it in the Expansion to anvolt2 The question is: do I Need to wire in a 1kohm resistor in the 5volt line or  simple wire +5v from the Extension, ground and Signal to the sensor?Â
  10. Hey, tanks for your answer. They are NOT running PC Link on Mac. They´re running PCLink in a native (Bootcamp) Windows or through a virtual Windows Machine (virtualbox, vmware, whatever) Thats the way I do it at the moment. It works, but not fine. Another way could be a Iphone Version. Have you already think about that? There are OBD2 to Wifi converters out there, or build a usb -> wifi controller on your own. That would be very great.
  11. My car now runs fine with the Link G4. The only not so fine thing is Windows. Performance is called another thing! How about a Mac version? Or does run PCLink over wine/crossover (not vmware or bootcamp)
  12. Hey there, I´m running a plugin G4 in my Skyline. I´ve connected the Innovate Wideband Analog Output to ANVolt 4. On Startups the Innovate is still in heating - so the G4 produces an Error: 'ECU Fault code 20: An Volt 4 below Error Low value' Where can I fix this? Set logging for this input to off? Or change the 'Low' value!? Regards
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