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  1. HI Jerome I am in the usa working on a project at the moment and the shop in nz  is only forwarding me my emails that i need to deal with. attached is a VERY basic config it should start and run with the trigger configs set you will need to set up all your channels aux inputs analogue in puts etc.. and from there you will need to get it tuned even though it should idle and free rev fine do not drive on it!!  Regards Dave www.dtechmotorsport.com dave@dtechmotorsport.com
  2. HI Danny we have done a few odd fire engines now so can say as long as its not a V10 engine it will work as long as the triggers are supported and that the ecu is setup correctly with the correct firing events If you want email me your base map, engine firing order, and actual cylinder firing angles (have you physically checked this to be correct??) trigger pattern and I will see if I can help. Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport.com
  3. IN the G4 ecu not to be confused with G4+ ecu you can only log and display AFR petrol scale if you can get your head around lambda vs afr petrol scale you will have no issues example 14.7 = 1lambda               13.08 = .89                11.47 = .78 AF system bang for buck and reliability and accuracy= Zeitronix Zt3 system otherwise motec plm or ltc etc  depends on budget really quick tune is online tuning method as you go through the load sites. I would suggest you go through the pclink help on how this works and setting it up correctly for a better understanding Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport.com  Â
  4. Hi Paul I can confirm that you most definitely can log AF Ratios if a suitable wideband is wired and configured to a ANVolt channel there is quick tune available if tuning online as well Regards Dave
  5. HI Jim I have responded to your email Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport@gmail.com
  6. Dtech Motorsport


    you should see something in the next month as they are not released to the public yet if you need any info more urgently either email your nearest dealer Regards Dave info@dtechmotorsport.com Â
  7. simple answer is yes change trigger mode to multitooth/missing tooth count will be 60-2 set trig two as cam level set trigger offset and you should be good to go Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport.com Â
  8. have you checked that you have set the imobilizer dip switches correctly on the ecu bottom board if these are not correct then you will get all sorts of errors Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com Â
  9. I have got around this by using a gp limit table and configuring it accordingly to use as a launch control method for those that have the atom ecu installed Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport.com Â
  10. Hi Jason if you want to send me your map I will have a look at it and see if any settings are in correct Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com Â
  11. this should get you in the ball park Trigger mode Ez30 avcs trig 1  reluctor filtering level 2   0.5 tapering to 3.5 for arming threshold trig 2 opto/hall  filtering level 3 pull up on trig 2/vvti  cam type inlet L/H  offset 72atdc DI....  cam position inlet R/H  offset 192 atdc you will need to check all offsets for the cams and crank but this should get it going  Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com  Â
  12. Hi We have done plenty of these conversions turboed and non turboed as well as for a base map i can point you in the right direction if you send me an email all of the ones we have done we have done of map and have not bothered with wiring in airflow meters. if you are looking for a map to look at have a look at the ver7 wrx base map as although this is not for a ez30r it will give you an idea of vvt control etc Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com
  13. on an old G1 pluggin ecu this would be the case but not on the new G4 range of ecu if set correctly what you have in the main map should be what is at the crank give or take any other ign trimms been applied Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com www.dtechmotorsport.com
  14. Have you tried changing the dipswitch settings on the board? Do you have a air tempsensor fitted as generally on the sti came with them fitted on the intake snorkle if not then the 100deg temp you see is due to the fault settings so either turn it off altogether or install the correct one after the intercooler. it should start on the base map just be a little rich but enough to drive onto a trailer. Regards David Heerdegen dave@dtechmotorsport.com
  15. HI Ben Firstly what version firmware are you running? If you are not on the lastest version then i would suggest upgrading to the latest V4.9.3 Secondly are you still using the factory main relay ? If so i would suggest replacing that with a new one as well. Hope that helps Regards Dave dave@dtechmotorsport.com www.dtechmotorsport.com
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