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  1. To switch between different fuel/ignition maps do i need to have the displaylink or can it be done on just a switch? cheers
  2. Cole Brown

    Which One???

    Awesome. Thanks for your help! i was wondering if it was capable of running the external map sensor. And thanks for explaining sequential injections. im in dannevirke... which is about half way between palmerston north and napier/hastings
  3. Cole Brown

    Which One???

    yep im definatly not be tuning it myself... will have to find someone who can help me. cheers guys
  4. Cole Brown

    Which One???

    Its a 4cylinder so will be running 4 injectors from another model (maybe supra). the motor im getting is distributor but other models come out with wasted spark, with a cam angle sensor. i think i will switch to that... and as for fuel pumps and fans etc, i was just going to wire fuel pumps into the ignition (turn the key on and they run).. it has and electric fan standard so it wont be running that. in reality i would probly only need about 5 outputs. budget... well i will be saving for which ever one will run it. one thing i noticed was that the storm has a 2.5bar map sensor, 1.5 boost i think it said. so that is 22psi. i plan on running more then that so what happens there? or am i looking at that the completely wrong way? and what is sequential injection? Thanks for your help!
  5. Cole Brown

    Which One???

    Hey guys. well im going to be at the stage where i need to buy a computer for my project soon. i asked on various forums and was told to go with a link... Now what i need. Im building a Twin Charged Kp starlet (supercharged and turbo) so i need a comp to run all the usual things like fuel/ignition etc but i also need a comp that will be able to switch the supercharger off at idle (on at like 1200rpm) so that it doesnt blow pipes off because the throttle is closed and it will also be switched on the dash so i can turn it off for round town driving. and then i will also need to be able to run high and low boost settings (about 15psi on low and 25-30psi on high). and thats where i think my problem will be... With the SC on its will be at full boost at around 2500rpm and will need to be mapped for that... then when the SC is off it would need to mapped differently am i right (so its not running super rich). WHICH ONE GUYS???? also the boost will need to be electronically controlled. Im not up with all the technical lingo so please explain it so a 3 year old could understand it.
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