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  1. i found QR25De crank pattern is 34-1-1, that is 16 teeth followed by a gap, then 16 more teeth followed by a gap. what do you think?
  2. can i use QG18DE trigger setting for QR25DE ?
  3. hi there, is there anyone has a basemap for nissan engine: QR25DE? thanks
  4. ok then bro, thanks for the info. i stick to speed density then.
  5. hi there, recently i ran evo 4 with speed density. it's running well, but i want to try to run it with OEM MAF to make sure the car can compete grup n rally class. is there anyone have the g/s to volt calibration which is suit to OEM MAF? would be glad if some one has. oth, i tune other ecu, in my experience the maf input is set to frequency in digital setup, which i dont find it in the option G4 Plug in for evo6. so, is there any difference between putting the maf signal to frequensy or volts? which is goes to ecu as an input. thanks.
  6. hi i was updating firmware using 4.6.9, but after finish correctly i didnt find the cyclic idle setting menu below motorsport tag. is it removed? where to? thanks..
  7. problem solved, wrong spark edge setting. the car is running smooth now, and love to hear the scream when reach 8500 rpm.. thx..
  8. hi there, finally i can start g4 on k20a engine, but after 1 minute smooth idle the engine stop runing. and cant start again. after i checked, the ignition coil is not firing. and it was getting hot. the dwell time is 4.0 ms. is my dwell is too high, so it kills the ignition coil? what is the appropriate dwell time for this kind of ignition coil. what others thing to watch beside the dwell time, that make the coils get hot? thx.
  9. hi there, i'm having same experience too, to reduce it, i smoothed the cyclic idle by adding the limit cyclic idle, up to 800 rpm. my customer car is evo4 grup n rally car with plug-in ecu. i really like to konw too, what cause the poping. hope got any explaination soon. thx.
  10. if you have file(s) to sent, this is my email : edwin.opie@gmail.com, thanks
  11. hi there, i try to install g4 storm wired-in, is there anyone has bas map for Honda K20 engine? any help woud be appreciated. thanks. regards, edwin.
  12. edwin opie

    Logging capacity

    hi, how to restore the on board memory of g4 plug in ecu if its already reach 100%? is it just delete the log file in the ecu? thx.
  13. hi, how to restore the on board memory of g4 plug in ecu if its already reach 100%? is it just delete the log file in the ecu? thx.
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