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  1. Maybe defaults works ok, my problem was leaking injector. Now i ordered siemens 900cc high impedance injectors. Seller told me to use siemens deka deadtimes hope he was right. If someone had furher information please tell me? I all ready removed and bypass injector resistorbox and if iam right ecu can directly command these new injectors, correct if iam wrong. I hope to get dyno time nextweek.
  2. What is the best way to do job when wiring old style knock block not G4 model to evo 3 ecu. Can i use An Volt2 what is connected to MAF signal because i all ready removed maf and use pure IAT or what?
  3. I cant find evo 3 original 510 injector dead times anywhere, can someone please help me with these values?
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