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  1. hi all  i have a bmw m3 s54 engine ( std )  whit Link G4 ecu ! i want the racing map for my car !  help me please bmw engine; m3 s54 hp:343 vanos:active nm:365 ecu: link G4                       thank you
  2. williams


    hi all   i have a BMW M3 S54 engine ! I installed the LINK G4 on the my car !  my car RPM has a problem ! that show is very hi (2000 RPM )  !        5000 RPM   show  7000 RPM   !  help me please
  3. hi fredrik    i have a problem like you know , i have a BMW M3 s54 engine ! RPM has an error in my car , the engine too much away a abut 1500 shows that, even if you find away to help me ! thanksÂ
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