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  1. 91 Toyota 5 sfe .atom g4 with built in map sensor .currently using anoluge voltage input 1 ,for throttle position sensor.and anologue input 2 for oxegen sencer[innovate lc-2] added a t-3 turbo. can I switch anologue voltage input 1 too a 4bar external map sensor and not use throttle position sensor?
  2. need boost control settings for Toyota 5sfe with t-3 turbo w/ 8lbs. boost.also do I need to re calabrate triggers to reduce base timming ?
  3. re-configured to sequential fuel injection,gound off three of the 4 pick ups. wired trigger one to white wire from dist. marked ne in wiring schematic,wired trigger 2 too the red wire from dist. marked G1 in schematics and remaining black wire from dist. to censer ground. then set trigger 1 to cam censer,24 tooth. set trigger 2 to crank x1.now reads rpm's runs great! thanks gain for the help!
  4. THANKS for the info! does it mater witch teeth are removed?
  5. how do I wire triggers on a Toyota 5s fe ? has reluctor/magnetic sensors in distributor one 24 tooth and one 4 tooth. three wires coming out of distributor a black,red andwhite
  6. I 'am using one ignition out put with the distributer, and have turned off the extra ignition out puts.But now all the ignition out puts are locked and I don't know how to unlock them . To turn the one back on. THANKS Ed Z.
  7. I'm not sure. what is direct spark? can it be used with distributer? confused!
  8. sorry for delay , just got time to check my settings. they are the same .except I have a distributer instead of direct spark.
  9. ed zahratka

    link g4 atom

    ignition in ecu is locked off. how do I unlock ,to turn it back on ?
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