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  1. Hi I have an old Xtreme silver case and I have read on the this forum somewhere it can run E Throttle direct without the external module. Is this Correct and if so what when did start end in ie: What serial numbers did it start and end with? Thanks
  2. Hi we have been tunning my s54 running on a G4 with the latest firmware  I am getting huge trigger errors around 7500rpm and it seems to be causing a missfire, I have tried changing to crankshaft wring to a high quality item.I have played around with the filtering and arming voltages etc. When this is happening the rpm display goes orange then red...
  3. HI just wondering have ye come across any problems with the vvt test with the latest firmware. I recently updated to the latest firmware just before i began to get the vanos to operate. The probl em im having is when i try to carry out a vvt cam angle test i cannot get the intake cam to display its actual posistion it seems to be shown a crazy figure like 6553.5 deg it seems to be adding all the test pulses together but will not display a figure. However the exhaust posistion is being displayed corectly. I have checked all the wiring seems ok,scoped waveform seems ok,etc have tried differnt test pulse counts changing from l/h to r/h settings etc... Also i seem to be getting error counting up constanly but the trigger offsets figures are corect..
  4. Hi just a quick question Im trying to hook up my 3 wire ICV corectly but in order to do this I can only run it on aux 1 and 2 so i can select the slave.I however need to use aux 1-4 for vanos adjustment and the slave option is not availible in any other Aux outputs.Is there an option somewhere where i can edit this...Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help.But just done all that there a while ago. Got the timing aligned there then checked for spark found no spark on the even cly..eg 2,4&6.But when testing ignition all spark ok.. Then when checking rpm during cranking its going well in 6k rpm. IM using bosch 0227 100 203 triple chanel ignition modules with coil on plug are these ok.. Im going to check over wiring again. cheers..
  6. Yes you were spot on as this was the last thing i tried and it worked.. Im having some more problems now.The engine is a bmw s54 im running direct spark with bosch 3 channel ignition modules..I have used some of the settings in the g4 help section for my engine.I can get spark fine when i do an ignition test but nothing when cranking over..i tested my triggers last week before wiring up the ignition.I have wired my crank sensor in the opposte polarity as per the manual says the ecu has to see it when its falling..so i was getting the correct waveform with that and also with my cam sensor im getting the corect digatal waveform.. Is there any base map for this to get me going.. Cheers..
  7. I have wired up etc my g4 extreme and tried to carry out a firmware update..Now the ecu will not connect in pc link and the firmware update will not complete itself. It goes as far as cycle ignition on and off then no further.i have tried leaving it alone and also turing the ignition on and off still noting..any ideas its like its wiped of everyrhing..
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