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  1. should i replace that resistor with a lower value one or just drop the duty cycle of the signal from the settings menu of the ecu?
  2. I currently have aux output 5 on my xtreme g4 hooked up to the tacho input, but it doesnt drive the MR2 tacho. what do i need to change on the MR2 tacho board to get it to accept the low level signal coming out of the link ecu since from what i understand the MR2 has a high level drive coming from the ignitor.
  3. how big do you want the throttle body? i got a 70mm throttle body and a pedal up for grabs if your keen.
  4. yea thats running the older version of the link xtreme with the inbuilt dbw capabilities, I have the later version and a E-throttle module add on.
  5. yea its for a 2grfe. it should be possible to double up on the control valve aux channels but any differences between the banks like oil pressure or wear on the parts would produce a slightly different offset in the cam angle. would be best to let each cam dial itself into the target angle itself i would think.
  6. is it possible to have quad vvt control and electronic throttle control via a e-throttle module with a xtreme? i got one of the later xtreme ecu's (red) with out the e-throttle control built in and a quad vvt engine. the 4 vvt oil control valves need to be wired into aux 1-4 but signal 1 for the e-throttle module needs to be wired into either aux1,2,3 or 4. can signal 1 for the e-throttle module be wired into a different aux channel?
  7. ive got my 4agte blacktop 20v with 4agze bottom end started and im wondering if anyone has a map i can use to save time on they dyno tune next week thursday. can you please contact me asap at justinsue@hotmail.com, thanks in advance regards justin
  8. hi im currently wiring up my 4agte 20v motor and im just wondering if i need to use the 8V or 5V power for the CAS inside the distributer. for the sensor grounds do i need to run the earth back into where the black sensor ground comes out of the ecu then run the two ground wires separately to the engine block. or can i just earth the sensors together in one spot and run the 2 grounds from the ecu to the engine block?
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