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  1. Hi Guys, Trying to find some replacement pins for the IACV plug on a Mitsubishi EVO. Pic attached. Any ideas where I can get the pins?
  2. Can I bump this? Any luck with adding this in?
  3. Calibration is very different! This is actually a "modified" Link 2.5 bar sensor with what is meant to be a 5 bar sensor soldered in. Looks more like 7 bar though! 6.5 bar abs at 4.72v
  4. Hi Guys. Does this look like a "normal" Link 5 BAR Map Sensor output: Pressure (BAR) - Volt -0.50.5300.880.51.2311.581.51.9222.272.52.6232.973.53.3243.674.54.0254.375.54.72
  5. Grant Baker

    EGT on Storm

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the reply. I read in the blurb somewhere that you can use the VO pin to output a linear voltage related to temperature... Can you suggest a different amplifier that you know works?
  6. Grant Baker

    EGT on Storm

    Hi, Has anybody used a breakout board like this: https://www.adafruit.com/product/269 So connect an EGT Probe (K Type) to the board, then use the "DO" output into an analogue input on the Storm? Apparently the output is 1mV/deg C Any opinions?
  7. So there's no way to make this work? The ISCV only opens about 1/5 of the throttle travel.
  8. Use Cal 1? I've just set up CAL 1 to start at 0.5V, 3000RPM and go to 4.5V in 12500RPM steps. Table then goes to 190500RPM
  9. Hi Guys, I'm installing a Link G4+ Storm onto an Audi A4 1.8T with cable throttle. The ISCV is part of the throttle body and contains the motor, TPS and ISCV position. Under Idle Speed in the PCL file there are options for Uniploar (6 pin) and BiPolar (4 pin) Stepper motors. Any clues on how to wire this so that the Storm controls it properly? Please see attached picture / pinout. Thanks in advance.
  10. If you want to fire over your map I'd happily take a look at it for you?
  11. In which case, go back and speak to the mapper
  12. Thanks guys. All sorted now... Somebody has been playing with the loom before we got the car... They had swapped the +/- wires half way along the loom! No idea why, but swapping them back has sorted the main issues. 3x dead injectors prevented us going any further though.... Lesson to be learnt here - don't take on jobs if you don't do everything from start to finish!!!
  13. Sounds like you definitely have a mapping issue... Where was it mapped, and was it mapped after the rebuild?
  14. Hi Scott. Thanks. Sensor is reluctor yes. Assuming the polarity is correct (or will be correct), do we have the other settings correct? In other words, should we see ECCS Sync "Yes"? CAL Table - just updated to latest version and you are right. Thanks for clarification on that!
  15. Hi I've got a car here that is causing me no end of grief... It's a complete mess of a Ford Escort, converted to Zetec Turbo. 4Cyl, wasted spark, 1 injector per cyl, batch fired. Couple of Link problems: (Atom G4+) 1) 36-1 Multitooth/missing set up. No cam trigger. Trigger 1 set to 36/1. Trigger 2 set to "sync - none". When you turn it over on the key the trigger errors go up by 1 every engine cycle and the RPM signal goes at 180rpm, but occasionally jumps to 400rpm for a split second. In Runtime Values, the Trigger one is immediately showing as ON as soon as the engine turns, but the ECCS Sync is always no. Is this correct? 2) Water and air temp sensors are the same, from a Ford, and don't show the correct numbers on any of the pre-defined tables it seems. At 14degC the resistance is 44.3kOhms and at 100degC it's 3kOhms. This is outside the range of the user cal tables. Any pointers to help out with either? Many thanks in advance.
  16. That is the "rarest" of the Rover Modes. If the trigger wheel is the one pictured, why don't you cut some teeth off and weld some teeth back on and convert to the more common "mode 3"?
  17. Thank you Simon - extremely helpful as ever. It would be great to put that information in the help file... Here's another one for you... If you are starting with a "map" from scratch - ie you have no base file - how would you recommend setting the Master Fuel Number? We tend to guess it and just go low, then increase it until the engine fires... But surely there is a more scientific way?
  18. Hi, We have always done cars with sequential before, but on this particular application there is no cam trigger, so we are running the car as "multi pint group" Injection mode. I'm unsure from the help files as to which injection rate to use - 1/2 or 1 Engine cycle? It's a 4cyl Turbo car with fairly small injectors, 36-1 crank trigger, one injector per cylinder, wired one injector per output on an Atom. Can anybody give any advice?
  19. We ended up getting a Bosch ICM instead and wiring the crank sensor direct to the ECU
  20. Hi Guys, Just fitting an ATOM G4+ onto a Ford Fiesta Turbo. Looking at the Ford wiring diagrams there is something I've not seen before and wonder if anybody can shed any light on it: The Crank Position Sensor (CPS) is wired to the Ignition Control Module (ICM) rather than the ECU... There is an output from the ICM to the ECU which appears to be crank position waveform... Is it ok to use this output as the CPS input on the Atom?
  21. It's a percentage duty adder... So add 9.1 if that's what it needs. Check the logging though. To get the same boost in every gear we do our setup in 4th, then add duty in 1,2,3rd and remove duty in 5th.
  22. Found it in the Help File... Help is absolutely amazing with Link tbh... I'm just not used to having such good help files!!
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