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  1. Grant Baker

    ALS not working

    So the cut table is TP not AP then? Thats a silly error!
  2. Grant Baker

    ALS not working

    It is for overrun and idle yes. John hasn’t described it well. Essentially if you blip the throttle to put the ALS into active mode, as you come off the throttle the car continues to rev until the normal rev limiter with no ignition cut or retard seeming to be active. So you blip it and it goes above (in this case) 3k and above 40% TP, then come off the pedal and the engine goes to 4K, 5k, 6k and so on by itself On the overrun the engine revs up even higher. The ALS system never seems to do anything when active. The ignition cut table is at 30-40 in those areas, ignition angle is set to 30-35 degrees (minus) absolute and fuel is set to 5-10%. So in effect the engine should not try and accelerate by itself. On the log it shows that als is armed, then when conditions are met, “active”. ignition angle shows as -28 to -35 and ignition cut up to 50% (in this example) I’ll attach a log and the pcl file when I get to my laptop in the morning. I’ve set up hundreds of cars with ALS now and never had an issue but this car has a mind of its own.
  3. Grant Baker

    ALS not working

    Launch is setup as well and can be activated easily.
  4. Grant Baker

    ALS not working

    As I said John, it won't be active until you reach the conditions of 3000RPM+ and 40% throttle +, then it will stay on for 5s.
  5. Hi Guys, Does anybody have the full characterisation data for these Siemens 830cc / 80lb injectors? https://www.fiveomotorsport.com/825cc-siemens-deka-iv-110324
  6. Grant Baker

    Siemens DEKA 80lb 830cc injector data

    Low pulsewidth adder?
  7. Grant Baker

    CAN Keypad

    Seen the Toucan (installing one in a customer's car tomorrow as it happens), but don't want another display. Do you know if this would work: http://www.blinkmarine.com/powerkey-pro-motorsport-can-bus-switching-panel/ Or this: http://www.grayhill.com/assets/1/7/CAN_keypad_datasheet_SCREEN.pdf
  8. Grant Baker

    Siemens DEKA 80lb 830cc injector data

    Doesn't show full characterisation though... It's for a car on modelled fuel strategy.
  9. Grant Baker

    ''Laggy'' software

    Anybody get a delay when they power up and connect? So you get ECU online, then TPS and RPM etc have lots of lag?
  10. Grant Baker

    Pot Tuning Box

    A rotary dial for ignition is incredibly useful for tuning to MBT!!
  11. Grant Baker

    Pot Tuning Box

    Hi Another one from another brand of ECU that I find useful (Omex / DTA)... An external box that plugs into the Laptop that allows you to alter fuel / ignition in the cells you are currently in, then "enter" them into the map. So you can quickly turn a knob to get the fuel and timing how you want it very very quickly. Great thing about this is that you can assign the knobs to various parameters, like fuel, ignition, boost, injection timing etc etc. Who else thinks this would be a great tool for tuning the Link? Cheers, Grant
  12. Grant Baker

    Pot Tuning Box

    So you could assign to PageUp / PageDn. Only downside is you can't do fuel and ignition together.
  13. Grant Baker

    G4+ Knock Block Connector

    Hiya, The G4+ Knock Block - which connectors are needed for knock sensor looms? Deutsch DT, DTM or DTP?
  14. Grant Baker

    rough idle won't rev properly r33 gtr

    What pump do you have? I've seen this 3 times now recently!
  15. Grant Baker

    EVO 4-8 plug in oddity

    Very true. Cost me quite a bit of time this!
  16. Grant Baker

    EVO 4-8 plug in oddity

    Interesting! I'll manually alter the printed manuals for the other plugins we have here then!
  17. Grant Baker

    EVO 4-8 plug in oddity

    OK - that's fine on the wastegate pin - will try using ign6. Weird though as the instructions that come with the ECU and the help file show pin 11 as Aux 4. Why do pins 55/57 put out 10v all the time though?
  18. Grant Baker

    Mini r56 s crank trigger set up

    The 60 is the number of total teeth including "missing". The 2 that are built up are actually known as "missing teeth". So you need to set "Multi tooth/missing" as the mode and Trigger priority as Trigger 1 in Trigger setup... Trigger 1 setup - Multi tooth posn as Crank... Tooth count as 60.... Missing teeth as 2 HTH?
  19. Grant Baker

    link monsoon 2 pin idle control solenoid

    Can you screenshot your AUX 3 settings?
  20. Grant Baker

    PClink software on a Vi-pec unit

    What latency issue are you having?
  21. Grant Baker

    Mini r56 s crank trigger set up

    That's a 60-2 trigger pattern.
  22. Grant Baker

    ( pop and bang ) after change gear

    If you send me your tuned file I will alter some settings to get you some pops and bangs if you like?
  23. Grant Baker

    link monsoon 2 pin idle control solenoid

    Recently used this exact valve on a Monsoon. Personally I used Aux 5, but only because it was available. Ign 12v+ on one side and Aux 5 on the other. No issues at all with ECU staying live.
  24. Grant Baker

    Interpolation "OFF" option

    It does, but it does genuinely help prevent blending of cells in steady state.
  25. Grant Baker

    Pot Tuning Box

    This is exactly what the DTA and Omex boxes allow... Brilliant for Cam setup, injection timing etc.